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Armor is one of three vital stats that every character and most creatures utilize for damage mitigation in Combat, represented by a yellow bar. Armor provides 1 point of damage mitigation for every 25 points of armor remaining.

During combat armor is depleted as the player or creature takes damage, resulting in the gradual loss of mitigation. Some abilities and attacks specifically target and deplete armor, particularly acid type damage as used by Slimes and Acid Spiders. Some creatures, such as Snails, have thick armor which makes them even more resilient. In contrast, there are also abilities that bypass armor completely to damage health directly.

Items that are primarily responsible for a characters armor stat include: head, chest, legs, gloves and boots. Other items may be randomly generated to grant small amounts of armor. Cows, wolves and spiders have unique armor items.

Damage Mitigation

Armor can be generated or crafted with modifiers that mitigate specific in-direct damage types, for example cold, nature or heat damage.

Types of Armor

There are currently four classes of armor: cloth, leather , metal and organic. The following list are generalities, especially for the combat refresh boost, and as with everything during beta subject to change.

Armor Comparison
Cloth Leather Metal Organic
  • Lowest armor values
  • Boost combat refresh for Health (largest boost) and Power (largest boost)
  • Ability to add pockets (2 inventory spaces each)
  • 120 enchantment points if crafted, 100 if looted
  • Craft-able by Tailors
  • Can be max enchanted
  • Medium armor values
  • Boost combat refresh for Health (large boost), Armor (large boost), and Power (small boost)
  • Ability to add pockets (1 inv space each)
  • 120 enchantment points if crafted, 100 if looted
  • Craft-able by Leatherworkers
  • Can be max enchanted
  • Highest armor values
  • Boost combat refresh for Armor only (largest boost)
  • Only craft-able for cows and wolves by Toolcrafters and Blacksmiths
  • All other metal armor must found in in loot
  • 120 enchantment point if crafted, 100 if looted
  • Boost combat refresh for Health (small boost), Armor (small boost), and Power (small boost)
  • Can't be dyed
  • Includes snail armor and fairy armor (craft-able and max enchant)
  • Craft-able by Toolcrafters

Armor-Material Set Bonuses

There are five main armor slots: head, chest, legs, feet, and hands. If at least three of these are made of the same material (cloth, leather, metal, or organic), your Basic Attack has a special bonus:

  • 3+ Cloth Items: If your Power is below 20% of max, your Basic Attack restores Power equal to 20% of your Max Power. (Max once per minute.)
  • 3+ Leather Items: If your Health is below 33% of max, your Basic Attack restores Health equal to 33% of your Max Health, plus your Combat Refresh Healing amount. (Max once per minute.)
  • 3+ Plate Items: If you are out of Armor (below 10% of max), your Basic Attack restores Armor equal to Combat Refresh Armor amount. (Max once per minute.)
  • 3+ Organic Items: Your Combat Refresh happens every 12 seconds (instead of every 15 seconds).

Once you have enough pieces for the bonus, the bonus shows up on the ability description for your Basic Attack like normal, but nothing in the game tells you that wearing 3 pieces of same-material gear will give you that bonus. This reflects the fact that this system is extremely experimental and may be removed or dramatically altered (experimental version introduced 20 Sept, 2019).

Additional Modifiers

Armor may modify specific skill sets. For example metal gloves may decrease archery damage by a set percentage.

Replenishing Armor

Armor will regenerate when outside of combat at a fairly fast rate (every 4 seconds). In combat however options are more limited.

Combat Refresh is the most basic way of regenerating armor in combat and can be activated every 15 seconds using a basic attack capable of triggering Combat Refresh. This refresh can be enhanced by a characters equipment and skills.

Armor Patching, much like First Aid for health, provides a direct replenishment of armor using a
or better. This ability also requires power and is on a 30 second cool down.
will instantly replenish armor during combat upon use. There are several levels of armor potion, however currently these potions cannot be crafted and must be bought or found.