Game updates/2017-12-22

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Dec 22 Update

The server was rebooted to fix a bug preventing players from programming their golems. Other bug fixes will require a new client download, which will happen next week. (We didn't want to make you re-download everything during Christmas weekend!)
Some bugs you should know about:
- IF YOU GET A TITLE SCROLL FROM A TREE, don't use it. You should hold on to it until next week's update. There's a bug in the scrolls and you'll get the wrong title.
- When you raise favor with an NPC, the display won't update until you close the dialog window and talk to the NPC again.
- IF YOUR NPC FAVOR IS 999999/-2 (OR SIMILAR), don't worry, it's just a client bug and will be fixed in the next update. But in the mean time it limits what you can do with the NPC, since the client thinks the NPC hates your guts. To fix it, just raise (or lower!) your favor with the NPC by a point and the display will return to normal.
As always, sorry about the bugs and thanks for being alpha-testers. Happy holidays!

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