Game updates/2021-03-30

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Update Notes: March 30

This is a quick bug-fix patch to address some issues in the March 25 update:

- NPCs will no longer appear to be dancing even after they have stopped.
- The Redemptions window will no longer tell you about redemptions that you are not eligible for.
- Your mouse cursor will no longer sometimes stay locked and hidden after you change zones.
- The Quest Tracker will no longer refuse to remove certain quests after they are completed.
- The Trade window will no longer fail to disappear after a trade.
- Sandstorms no longer use the new distance optimization, meaning they can once again be seen from more than 100m away.
- Fixed animation issues when interacting with things that have a usage delay (such as mining, meditation, and chopping lumber).
- Fixed bugs with head-look when looking at certain in-scene entities (such as wells, item workbenches, and inscription tables).
- Tweaked movement animations a bit.

Lastly, a reminder: enable Experimental Optimizations in the Settings->Graphics window to turn on a significant new optimization! (Even if you had enabled Experimental Optimizations before, you will need to re-enable it, because you are "opted out" of new experiments.)

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