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Update Notes: April 27, 2022

This is a bug-fix update. The purpose is mainly to fix a UI bug when viewing alcohol casks, but we've also included some other fixes and changes that were ready to go.

We've heard some reports of issues with golf balls occasionally "glitching" in various ways. We're still investigating these, and will fix them as soon as we can. If you have a reproducible situation that causes problems, please bug-report it!

Glamour Gourds in the Guild Shop

You can now purchase "Glamour Gourds" with Guild Credits (from any Guild Sign). These work like Glamour Berries, with a few caveats. When you buy a Glamour Gourd, it is automatically attuned to your account. Glamour Gourd items also don't stack in inventory. (The latter is a technical limitation because attuned items can't be stackable.)

We're using these Gourds instead of Glamour Berries because we want to avoid reselling for now. We want these items to be a reward for doing guild quests, not a way to make Councils off of other players. It's possible that we're being overly cautious here, in which case we'll make further changes in the future.

Other Changes/Fixes

- Alcohol items now show their effect information when examined.
- Fixed the start and goal beacons for holes 8 and 9 in Pennoc's Pennant.
- Rebalanced reward tiers for Pennoc's Pennant based on initial scoring this round. (This only affects the reward tiers you haven't received yet, of course.)
- Improved legibility of the recipe UI window.
- Fixed skill reward text-wrapping UI issue.
- In addition to Glamour Gourds (discussed above), you can also buy Portal Summoning Devices with Guild Credits (sold at any Guild Sign).
- Increased the cost of Extra-Gigantic Coin Sacks at the Guild Signposts. Cost increased from 2 to 4 Guild Credits.
- You can now occasionally find Live Event Credit Vouchers (worth 10 Live Event Credits) when playing the high-stakes match-3 game in the casino.
- Added a Portal Summoning Device for Fungal Fortress that is available through Riston and the Guild Sign.
- Fixed client bug that could cause items in your storage vault to display incorrectly if you clicked and dragged really fast.
- Riston now sells VIP Tokens, as well as Povus Teleportation Devices, for Live Event Credits.

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