Game updates/2022-07-03

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Update Notes: July 3, 2022

This is a minor update to make adjustments to the Summertime Experience event which starts tomorrow. There are a few other changes and bug-fixes:

- Add better handling of rapid changes in a humanoid's equipment. This should fix the bug where some players' textures display as bright pink
- Remove duplicate Blitz Shot 6 training option from Alravesa (#15308)
- The "Heed The Stick" mod that grants mitigation from direct attacks will now always last 10 seconds (#15322)
- More debug info to track down remaining "stuck on loading screen" bugs
- The local player mesh is now optimized again, this functionality broke as part of recent loading optimizations
- Deselecting an object that has just changed (such as a flower as part of gardening) will no longer re-select the object, or previously-selected objects
- The Healing-Suit Tester (a high-level boss) now recovers less health when there's only a few healing crystals

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