Game updates/2024-01-15

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Update: January 15, 2024

This is a quick bugfix and tune-up for the January 12 update.

AI and Monster Fixes:

- Bug fix: ranged attackers will once again move closer to their enemy if all their attacks are out of range
- Fixed various other minor bugs with monster AI
- Bug fix: "Security Golem" type monsters are weaker
- Monster change: some high-level Scray monsters could debuff attackers that used fire/electricity/cold attacks on them. This cool debuff has been given to all Scray of every level

Boss Gauntlet Adjustments:

- fixed Dementia Puck and Ynigix having incorrect level
- Empusa no longer wanders around (preventing her from potentially walking into earlier or later boss events); tweaked Empusa encounter
- fixed some misfiring event triggers
- buffed some bosses that were too weak

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