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On this page a description is given to clarify how to compare and judge a player's abilities in combat compared to another player and compared to a NPC Foe (attackable create).

Not the classic Leveling system

Other MMO's usually have an indication for both the player-character and for NPC foe's that start at level 1 and slowly increase to 2 and 3, all the way to 50 or even 100. Project Gorgon does not do this.

Player level

A player's effectiveness in combat is derived from several sources:

  • the two types of combat-abilities she has chosen to fight with (and thus the two types of weapons she should have equiped). (e.g. Sword, staff, unarmed, shield, archery, psychology, etc)
  • the skill the player had acquired in those two combat-types.
    Hint: For a newer player it can be good to find a playstyle you like, regarding the weapons you use. And once you do that, to stick with those. A high skill level in your chosen weapon-type makes a big difference !
  • the armor items that the player has equiped
- the buffs to Armor, Health and Power that those armor-items give
- the buffs that the armor items give to certain combat abilities. (e.g. "Finishing Blow deals +32% damage")
Basic Sword of Many Cuts

It's a sword! Looks pretty sharp.

Requires Sword Level 20

Many Cuts deals +16 armor damage
Finishing Blow deals +32% damage
Flashing Strike deals +40% Slashing damage

Value: 206

Right-Click to Unequip

Possible Buffs on a player:

- Food Buff
- Potion Buffs
- Performance Buffs (Listening to music)
- Statue Buffs
- Meditation Buffs & Combos
- Calligraphy Buffs & Combos

The basic player statistics are shown in:

Armor health power metabolism.jpg

NPC Foe level

One of the best indication of a NPC's power and abilities is to look at the little window that displays your current targets statistics. Below are some examples from the Serbule starter region: Chicken power level.jpg
You'll notice that a chicken has vitually no power

Tutorial skeleton power level.jpg
a skeleton in the tutorial cave has little power

Tiger power level.jpg
For a new player, (low skills and not very good gear), it is best to try to deal with tigers one by one. Multiple tigers will kill you ...

Squeaky power level.jpg
Mr Squeaky is one of the 'mini-bosses' in Serbule. Note the extra jump in statistics

Psychic Mantis power level.jpg
For the Psychic Mantis statistics, please note the in-effectiveness of 'slashing damage' to them. A player specialised in Swords (that deal slashing damage) can have a tough time against these.

Indication of level in the Wiki

Generally when a recommended level is indicated in the wiki, it refers to the recommended skill level in the players primary combat type (sword, archery, staff, psychology, etc).