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God of Recreational Hunting
Class 3
Melkar is a Class 3 Nature Spirit known as the God of Individualism, Self-Sufficiency, and Hunting for Sustenance. Sometimes, Melkar is referred to as the God of Recreational Hunting by followers of Norala.

Melkar is sometimes confused with Norala, the Lycanthrope Goddess of Hunts. While Norala worshipers hunting to demonstrate strength, Melkar blesses those who hunt for sustenance.

Priests and Scions of Melkar are often bastards or mixed-species.


Melkar is often used in Council literature written by Councilwoman Irasce as an example of a Class 3 Nature Spirit.

Class 3: these are the weakest spirits that we still consider "gods." They are just barely powerful enough to stand up to an attack from a Class 1 god. They have much power, but it is largely bound up in their own safety, so they exhibit relatively little influence on the world at large. Most have pockets of worshipers, and many have a few small token effects on the world, such as a holiday, an artifact, or a small city of their own. Ilth Hale, Melkar, and Zare are examples.

Guide to Nature Spirit Classification

Blade Trials

The Blade Trials of Melkar are trials designed to unlock the powers of a Blade of Melkar. Melkar assimilated the trials after the death of the god Romast. The tales of the Trials are told through the Lorebook the The Wasted Wishes and the Leeka and the Blade Trials series.