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God of Sleep and Dreams
Miraverre is a Class ??? Nature Spirit, and the Elven God of Sleep and Dreams.


The Gods, XI: Arisetsu

Lastly, for those not trained in classical Elvish, I want to bring attention to the seeming absence of the two other elder elven gods: Miraverre, goddess of Dreams, and Laeth, goddess of Time. These two stood alongside Irhetsu and Arisetsu in the crucial years after the Autumn Felling, so why are they ignored here? The answer is that they are referenced in an idiomatic form: “Stories, hope, dreams, and time -- these things guided the elves back to a place of strength.” This line, or a similar one, is used in many ancient Elvish poems to pay homage to the four old elven gods.

The Gods, XI: Arisetsu

The Gods of Knowledge, Vol 3

Who she is: Miraverre runs the Dream Realm, a place where dreams actually happen. You may have visited it yourself. They say that if you wake up from a dream with the sensation that your dream was real, you were probably dreaming in Miraverre's realm.

Although dreams seem to be what Miraverre concerns herself with most of the time, she is also the god of Sleep itself, and sometimes helps insomniacs.

What she knows and how to find her: If you've had one of those "it seemed too real" dreams, and you need to remember it better, she can help you relive it. She also knows what has taken place in countless dreams over the millennia. She will rarely divulge the secret dreams of someone who is still alive, but she sometimes shares pieces of dreams from the long-deceased.

In general, calling on Miraverre for help is a long-shot. But if you want to reach her, just dream about her. She might choose to appear in your dreams.

And remember, you don't want to upset her. She won't withhold sleep from you -- that idea would be offensive from her -- but she WILL turn all your dreams into horrific nightmares.

Just... be polite, really. That's all it takes. She's a very easygoing elf by all accounts.

Miraverre can also help you communicate with someone else who is sleeping at the same time. But that's beyond the scope of this book!

The Gods of Knowledge, Vol 3