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'''Myconic''' is a skill linked to the of gathering of mushrooms. Sometimes when picking a mushroom, you'll earn Myconic XP instead of [[Mycology]]. Along with the XP, you'll "hear" or "see" voices and visions in your head. As your Myconic skill increases, these experiences will reveal more about what the mushrooms are trying to tell you.
{| {{STDT|sortable}}
! Level !! Phrase
| 0-4 || Suddenly, strange thoughts emerge in your brain... you cannot fathom what they mean.
| 5-9 || You are overcome with thoughts of damp, and rot, and love and hate.
| 10 - ? || You suddenly imagine a sentient mushroom. It needs something from you.
| ? - ? || For a moment, you thought you heard a mushroom say "Crystal of Terror"
| 20-24 || Suddenly you have a vision of a giant crystal, as large as a mountain.
| 25-29 || You envision an ancient creature creating a giant crystal. The creature loves power.
| 30-? 34 || You see a crystal mountain come to life. Its pulses speak to myconians everywhere.|-| 35-39 || You see millions of souls ripped from fungal bodies. Their minds wither and then disperse.|-| 40-44 || You hear a voice say "Crystal of Restoration".|-| 45-? || You suddenly imagine a device that could restore a myconian. It contains a red crystal. 
This skill is can be obtained early on while exploring [[Anagoge]] Another way to unlock this skill is to Hang Out with Mushroom Jack. In his hang out menu choose the task "Hunt for Myconians down in the ravine" which will require you to spend 4 hours offline. Once completed you will be given the myconic skill. Once you unlock myconic, gathering mycena mushrooms will give you the myconic experience more often than other mushrooms. However, every mushroom has a chance of giving myconic experience. A lot of mycena mushrooms are in the Serbule Sewers so this is a good place to go once you unlock the myconic skill.  ==Unique features or unlocks=={{spoiler|Myconic language based unlocks|At level 10, you can Touch the Tall Mushrooms around Serbule to lead you to the Myconian Dungeon for the "[[Kill Myconians]]" quest given by [[Tutorial CaveMushroom Jack]]. Within the dungeon are several sentient mushrooms, which starting at level 10 Myconic you can speak to. [[Poe]] requires level 11 Myconic, [[Way]] requires level 13, and [[Sem]] requires level 15.}}== Myconic Experience Table =={{Spoiler|Click Expand to view the Experience Table for Myconic|{{:Xptables/TypicalNoncombatSkill}}}}
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