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Guild:Rowen Trading

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== Focus ==
Initial page creation. Pasting in the template.
=== Backstory ===
(An optional section used for guilds that have a backstory they want to share).
== Organization ==
(Add at least one sentence describing the layout of the guild, then feel free to add subsections describing leadership, member roles. You may include up to five points of contact for the guild here. If the user has a user page on the wiki, you may link to that. You must receive approval from those members before you include their name).
=== Recruitment ===
(An optional section that explains how players are recruited for your guild. You may include a link to a discord here, if you understand that anyone who looks at the guild page can use the invite).
== Notable Mentions ==
(This is where you can add almost whatever you want. Does your guild offer any services, have its own lore, win a contest, or run events? List that here in subsections wrapped in four = ).
== Gallery ==
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