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Quest Information on NPC Pages

I'd love to hear any thoughts from folks about simplifying the Quests subheading on NPC pages. My initial thoughts and reasonings are below:

Currently the same information is manually edited in two locations.

  1. On the page containing the quest information itself
  2. On the NPC page - if up to template standards that includes five pieces of information: Favor, Objective, Reward spoiler, Requirements and Hints.

This creates a duplication of work for wiki maintainers working on both pages, and leads to a situation where information may conflict (if one of the two locations is out of date). On an aesthetic note, the spoilers have always looked off to me in this section (being non-indented both in heading and expanded - as well as bold when quest names are not).

I'd like to propose the following:

  1. Switch Quests subheading to be a DPL object pointing to the Category:Quests/NPC Quests
  2. Remove spoilers, hints, rewards and requirements from the NPC page (achieved by using DPL instead of manually editing/linking quests pages)

This would achieve:

  1. A cleaner look to the quest subheading for NPC's (the look and information on NPC pages would be standardized).
  2. IMO aesthetics of NPC pages would improve by removing the spoiler blocks
  3. Decrease the workload for maintainers by removing the need to duplicate information (and verify duplicate information)
  4. Centralizes all quest information on the quest page. for a given quest.

This could impact users:

  1. Users who come to the wiki looking for a specific quest by name would likely not be impacted (landing directly on the Quest page)
  2. Users who land on the NPC page first may have one additional click to access the information
    1. Sort of... users have to click Expand for spoilers, and many quest on NPC pages don't contain spoilers, objectives or hints.

Now is a good time for this change because:

  1. Except for Druid quests, all quests pages on the wiki have recently been updated/uploaded, following the standardized quest template.
  2. All quests now contain categories for location (i.e. Serbule, Eltibule) and NPC who initiates the quest. This allows for the first time use of DPL to generate quests list (See Chirrra for an example)

Thoughts? I'll look for comments for ~week or so, and unless there is consensus against (or the admins say no!) I'll proceed with this proposed change and update NPC pages accordingly. Kedoch (talk) 14:49, 11 April 2018 (EDT)