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Thoughts about How to Handle the Skill Data (as of the alpha)

Overview section

Here I propose to cover the mechanics of the skill, along with citing specific Abilities.

This gives the player a good overview of what the skill can do, and how it works.

Say a skill has "Punch 1", "Punch 2", "Punch 3" .. do we really want to document it all? A lot of this skill data is going to continue to change during the alpha, and I am guessing if/when the game goes beta.. much of the final data can be flat out replaced by the devs from their database (so it is 100% accurate to the latest build).

So instead I would prefer to focus my time to document abilities of the skill that are really representative of what it does, and any abilities that have specific mechanics (such as dots, damage shields, rage control, etc).

Advanced Abilities

This sections lists the additional abilities generally "earned" through quests, NPC favor, dungeons loot (recipes), etc.

It is named "Advanced Abilities" to distinguish from the level up abilities.

Level Up Rewards

I originally used "Abilities" here, but to distinguish from the special abilities above, and to use the same term with non-combat skills, maybe we can just call it "Level Up Rewards" ?

If you have the energy, feel free to document all abilities in a skill with a table... but as these are automatically awarded in game by leveling, most helpful atm I think is to document the Advanced Abilities so we know what they are and where they are. --Gorgonzola (talk) 16:31, 4 October 2014 (CDT)