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Use this template whenever you want the item icon and link (to the item's Wiki page) to display.
If you only want to display an item's icon, or use a larger image of the icon, use the Item icon template.
If you need the icon for an ability, use the template for Ability icon.


Type {{|Item|Item name}} or {{|Item|Icon|Item name}} where you want the item icon and link to display.


OPTIONAL name of icon to use if different than item name.
Item name
The correct capitalized name of the item.

Sample output

Basic usage
Code = Output
Complex example
Use alternate icon and link with alternate text. Note usage of {{pipe}} to distinguish from normal template arguments:
Code = Output
{{Item|Icon=Beginner's Arrow|Archery{{pipe}}Learn Archery}}
Items with a # character in the name should be handled slightly differently, as the # character has special meanings in URLs, so items with a # character in the name are located at a page with that character removed (e.g. the page for Fisherman's Arrangement #1 is at Fisherman's Arrangement 1).
Code = Output
{{Item|Icon=Fisherman's Arrangement #1|Fisherman's Arrangement 1}}


  • Uses the new Template:Item icon template.
  • WHY? To support enhancements in {{Vendor item row}} template.
  • This will break slightly when used on many flower arrangements and flower arrangement-related items, due to the # sign in the URL. See the example above for the workaround.
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