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This accepts an item name as input and returns the in-game icon. This is not specifically a function of this template, but you can then use CSS to resize the icon to 16x16, 32x32, or 64x64. Remember that you may lose image quality, see the 64x64 Ice Core in the Examples section below.


{{Item icon|<name>}}


The name of the item. It must match exactly what is displayed in-game (e.g. "Red Apple", not "Apple" or "red apple")
If omitted or empty, template returns a blank icon image.
If no match is found, template returns an error.


Standard Use

{{Item icon|Glowy Yellow Crystal}} {{Item icon|Ice Core}}

{{Item icon}} {{Item icon|FakeItemReturnsError}}

icon_5702.png icon_5295.png

Item-icon-none.png Error: Item not found

Forcing 32x32 size

<span class="extimage32px">{{Item icon|Glowy Yellow Crystal}}</span>


Forcing 64x64 size

<span class="extimage64px">{{Item icon|Ice Core}}</span>
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