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File:MAP infobox (map).png
Map of MAP infobox (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
File:MAP infobox.png
Portal or entrance caption.


{{MAP infobox
| name = 
| mapimage = 
| connects =
| temperature =
| pclevel =
| image =
| portaldesc =


Not Optional. Must be Article name.
Defaults to a .png image to be used for the map "Dungeon Something (map).png". If the image already exists, use File:ImageName.png
One or more neighbour maps connected by portals to this one.
Optional. Current options are Hot (Ilmari/Rahu) or Cold (Kur/Gazluk).
Suggest level for the player character (the main damage skill level) to start this area.
Defaults to a .png image of the article's name, meant to represent the entrance. If the image already exists, use File:ImageName.png
Optional. Suggested use is the description as seen on the portal, or other flavor text.


Create an attractive "at a glance" information card for dungeons and other sub-areas. Once the wiki extensions allows for it, we will add very useful "connected" zones in this info card, which let the reader navigate between area articles more easily.

The info card features two images: at the top is a map to the area. At the bottom, is an in-game screenshot of the dungeon entrance (or optionally, a picture of the minimap indicating the location of the dungeon in its parent zone).


As with all more complex templates, remember that changes spread on all concerned articles. Please discuss it with the author before making significant changes.


The typical usage is to use this in a new article, save, and THEN upload the image by clicking the image link (which then is pre-set with the article name):

{{MAP infobox
| connects = [[Kur Mountains]]
| pclevel = 30

If an image already exists which name does not match the article name, or in a different format (png) specify like so:

{{MAP infobox
| image = [[Image:Desert.png|300px|]]
Updated map thanks to Vyndetta
Map of MAP infobox (click for larger size)
Connects to
Area Level
File:MAP infobox.png
Needs a description.
{{MAP infobox
 | name        = Eltibule
 | mapimage    = [[Image:Eltibule_Map.png|300px|Updated map thanks to [[Vyndetta]]]]
 | portaldesc  =  Needs a description.
 | connects    = [[Serbule]], [[Kur Mountains]]
 | temperature = Cold
 | pclevel     = 20-50