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Use this template to create a row in the table of items sold by a vendor.


{{vendor item row
 | item =
 | cost =
 | favor =


The item name
Optional. The numerical cost eg. "15". If not provided, an empty column is shown.
Optional. The favor level at which the item is available. If not provided, an empty column is shown.
Optional. If the item icon does not match that for the item name, an alternate item name may be used here. The icon for that alternate item name will be shown. Used for 'Learn' and 'Unlock' type items. Note: This argument is intentionally capitalized to indicate that {{Item icon}} is being used instead of older {{Icon}}, which used lowercase argument.

Sample output

{{vendor table first}}

{{vendor item row
 | item = Mild Cheddar Cheese
 | cost = 980

 980 councils 


See Braigon Sells and Training for examples.


Uses Template:Item icon, which supercedes the older Template:Icon.
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