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Intro to Animal Forms :

 Fun-fact : originally the animal forms were only intended as a curse / punishment when dieing to a boss; The Dev's were surprised to see that some player actually wanted to play as an animal. After that the Animal forms were gradually further developed.
 what specialisation (Cow tanky, Deer tanky, Pig is bard-like support; Spider DPS,  bat DPS,  wolf(lycan) DPS (more wolfs stack their buffs;  more damage)
 ; disadvantages (not all NPC's talk to animals; especially spiders ?);   Beast speach; required food types)
 (also a mention of druid ; they're nor animal, but can transform to Deer, Raven , Duck) 

add some pictures / screenshots

 Dye vendor in Elti
 map of Amulna


 Players are expected to have at least a food buff.
 Weekend buffs
 * the game developers can choose to have a buff active during weekends or holidays
   (examples : 10% chance to yield extra items from Gardening or picking mushrooms; increase in the money given when turning in workorders)
 long term buffs (an hour or more)
 *  2 types of buffs from items obtained through Cooking. The game recognises a difference between Meals and snacks. These two types stack.  However eating multiple meals will not stack. Only the highest level foodbuff will the used and shown. Food buffs usually give regeneration of Health and power. Some foods will also give a straight increase in the total amount of Health or Power the player has.
 *  buffs from Flower Appreciation (smell a flower ) : increased in Power
 *  buffs from Gardening Luck (click a bouquet of flowers) : +10% chance to yield 2 items while Gardening instead of 1
 *  buffs from Performance (you or fellow players have made music by using a musical instrument) : increase in earned combat XP; Bonus out-of-combat Armor regeneration
 *  buffs from Dance Appreciation (while player-music was made;  other players did an Interpretive Dance) :  increase in crafting XP; increase in Metabolism
 *  some rare and valuable potions can give long term Buffs (example : Memory Enhancer  gives an hour of +10% earned combat XP)
 *  Meditation or Calligraphy can give an hour Buff (or multiple hours when using a Meditation Stool  or a Calligraphy Bench from Carpentry ). These Buffs enable that certain combination of combat abilities have extra effects (example: restore health or do extra damage)
 * buffs from Art Appreciation (click on a statue like Silver Dragon) : 10% increase in crafting XP

 Medium term buffs (an hour or more)
 *  certain advanced player abilities give an increase to Haste : being able to move more quickly 
 *  Through Alchemy several potions or drugs can be made that either boost damage done or increase the players resistance to certain damage types

 Short term buffs

PvP link to be able to create page with some quotes from the Dev's regarding PvP.

Skill Compatibility Chart