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Expert's Armor Patch Kit

Expert's Armor Patch Kit
For repairing debilitating armor damage. Used by Armor Patching abilities.
Value: 68

How to Obtain

Producing with Recipes

Armor Patching
Lvl Name Ingredients Results
30 Expert's Armor Patch Kit icon_5299.png Good Metal Slab x2
icon_5278.png Whetstone x1 (!)
icon_5562.png Peening Hammer x1 (!)
icon_5059.png Expert's Armor Patch Kit x2

Obtaining through Bartering


Vendor Location
Amutasa Rahu
Fazzi Sun Vale
Glajur Kur Mountains
Jace Soral Kur Mountains
Jesina Eltibule
Lumpfuzz Ilmari
Mox Warcut Gazluk
Otis Red Wing Casino
Pegast Fae Realm
Sir Coth Serbule
Yavazek Sun Vale


Monster Location
Concerned Citizen Rahu
Evil Beggar Rahu
Fae Worg Winter Nexus
Grimalkin Ilmari
Guard Cat War Cache
Horrific Ghost Gazluk
Horrific Ghost Windy View Cave
Horrific Ghost No-Name Cave
Horrific Ghost Ilmari
Onkara Debilitator Rahu
Orcish Ranger Kur Mountains
Orcish Ranger Gazluk
Orcish Ranger Povus
Orcish Swordsman Kur Mountains
Orcish Swordsman Gazluk
Orcish Swordsman Povus
Orcish Thaumaturge Kur Mountains
Orcish Thaumaturge Gazluk
Orcish Thaumaturge Povus
Prison Laborer Rahu
Rakshasa Bandit Ilmari
Rakshasa Bandit Labyrinth
Rakshasa Mage Ilmari
Rakshasa Mage Labyrinth
Rakshasa Skirmisher Ilmari
Rakshasa Skirmisher Labyrinth
Rakshasa Skirmisher War Cache
Red Drakeworm Ilmari
Red Drakeworm Wolf Cave
Seething Citizen Rahu
Striga Drainer Kur Tower
Striga Drainer Necromancer's Courtyard


Quest Rewards


Other Ways to Obtain


Using in Recipes



NPC Location Preferences
Tyler Green The Tapestry Inn in Serbule Hills Likes (Armor Patch Kits)

Bartering Uses



Direct Consumption

Ability Consumption

Icon Name Consumes Skill Level Consume Chance Stick Chance
icon_2101.png Patch Armor Simple Armor Patch Kit Armor Patching 1 10% Never
icon_2101.png Patch Armor 2 Basic Armor Patch Kit Armor Patching 10 10% Never
icon_2101.png Patch Armor 3 Good Armor Patch Kit Armor Patching 20 10% Never
icon_2101.png Patch Armor 4 Expert's Armor Patch Kit Armor Patching 30 10% Never

Quest Fulfillment


Other Uses