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: 60 slots at {{Favor|Soul Mates}}.
: 60 slots at {{Favor|Soul Mates}}.
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category: Fae Realm NPCs]][[Category:Storage]]
[[Category:NPCs]][[Category: Fae Realm NPCs]][[Category:Storage]][[Category: Talks to Animals]]

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Noita the Green

In the Fel-Dasculan Ruins
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
[[Category:Fae Realm NPCs]]

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Loves Max-Health-Boosting Potions Hint
  • Likes Trophy Animal Hides Hint
  • Loves Trophy Cat Hides Hint


Storage - Friends
10 slots at [Comfortable].
20 slots at [Friends].
30 slots at [Close Friends].
40 slots at [Best Friends].
50 slots at [Like Family].
60 slots at [Soul Mates].