Amutasa Wants To Work Faster

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Amutasa requested some Enhanced Cranium Powder so that she can work faster.


To start this quest, talk to Amutasa in Rahu. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.


No matter how much I work, I cannot seem to stop being overwhelmed by work requests. Perhaps a different approach is needed. A visiting elf once invited me to a "dance party" which ended up having very little music and a lot more nakedness than I was expecting. But the highlight of the evening was a powder he brought with him, called 'Enhanced Cranium Powder'. Perhaps if I had some of this... I could finish this work more efficiently! Do you know how to get some?



Rewards for Amutasa Wants To Work Faster

This is the powder! I admit to being nervous. What if it works so well that I never want to stop using it? I shall become addicted to it, and all my effort will crumble! Ah, but I'm sure I'm worrying too much. I just need to complete these work orders. And your gift will let me do so. Thank you so much.