Angling: Invasive Species

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A nature spirit asked you to help remove invasive fish from the Serbule docks.


To start this quest, angle near or on the docks in Serbule.


You can hear me, can you not? Then you are more than a mere fishmonger! You've taken fish, now can you give back to the sea?

Pinfish have invaded this brackish water. They are out-competing us. It's not fair, it isn't right.


  • Angle Pinfish from Serbule Docks x10.


Rewards for Angling: Invasive Species

Thank you, fisher, for helping find balance! I will teach you a way to practice your craft without taking unnecessary fish. Take what you need, but remember balance.

I mean, except for those asshole pinfish! You should eat those pan-fried.

  • 600 XP in Angling.
  • Recipe: Panfried Pinfish
  • Ability: Catch and Release 1