Brains For Drugs

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Azalak the mantis needs you to collect a bunch of intact brains from sentient creatures. Brain Bugs occasionally drop intact brains, as do several other creatures, such as Nightmare Creatures and Psychic Mantises.


To start this quest, talk to Azalak in Serbule. The quest is available at [Comfortable] favor.


Zeratak and I wish to make a living selling our special alchemical brain elixirs. These are traditional psi-mantis recipes, but I am attempting to hone them to be less toxic to other races. I believe that the lobes from the brain bugs are too potent... instead, I wish to grind up their entire brains. Or any fully intact brains will do, actually. I am a scientist. I am not picky.


  • Obtain Intact s x3
  • Talk to Azalak


Rewards for Brains For Drugs

Yes! Perfect. I shall extract the pineal juice from these. Here, take my most recent concoction, and Bob's your Uncle as they say in your idiom. I do not know what that means.