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Update Notes: December 24

New Dungeon

There's a new level 85 group dungeon available for high level players who are Friends with Mope in Povus. Speak to Mope to get started. This one is intended to be a challenge for a group of six level 85 players wearing reasonably good gear. It's brand new in the sense that we finished it up last night, so no doubt it'll need some refinements. Remember to report bugs, and after you've been into the dungeon a few times, please share your balance feedback with us!


- Povus now has a Ri-Shin tree to set up; speak with Leah Bowman for more information.
- There is a small chance to receive a Live Event Credit when opening a Ri-Shin tree present.
- Tweaked the Ri-Shin Shrine event in various ways, changing the required item amounts, adjusting buff effects, and adding a small chance to receive a bonus Live Event Token each time you receive a Ri-Shin Token from Snowleaf.

Combat Effects

- The basic effect of Sword items has been recalculated. Weapons that boosted "Sword Base Damage" now boost "Sword Damage" (to different amounts). This is a buff to high level sword damage.
- The basic effect of Dagger and Dirk items has been recalculated. Weapons that boosted "Knife Base Damage" now boost "Knife Damage" (to different amounts). This is a buff to high level knife damage, especially dual-wielding damage.
- Fixed brewing buffs that are supposed to buff damage versus a specific anatomy group (e.g. Bears). (Previously they did nothing.)
- Fixed brewing buffs that are supposed to buff Burst damage vs. Elites. (Previously they incorrectly boosted Melee damage.)
- Revised brewing buffs that were intended to buff Projectile damage vs. Elites; they now buff Ranged damage. (Previously they incorrectly boosted Melee damage.)
- Fixed ability "Toxic Irritant" not applying certain buffs/debuffs.
- Fixed minigolems' "Taunting Punch" not applying certain buffs/debuffs.
- Fixed pet rats' "Rat Burn" Special Trick not applying certain buffs/debuffs.
- Fixed the Problem Spider's curse.
- Fixed treasure effects that make Pixie Flare deal bonus damage vs. Demons.


- Items with only generic mods should extract properly now.
- Sunstone & Goshenite will now properly extract generic augments.
- Brought back the "Genes" window at stables.
- Stable pet previews should now always show.
- Persona window preview should now properly display at all times.
- Fae now float in the character select screen & persona window.
- Improved how effects line up with the attack animations.
- Polished & sped up hammer animations.
- Mushroom Box use level requirement changed from 0 to 1.
- Corrected tutorial text after researching your first fire magic spell. (The UI has changed since it was originally written.)
- Fixed typo in foods (mitigatation -> mitigation).
- Summon the correct skeleton with Free-Summon Skeletal Archer 6.
- Elite members of the "Evil Carnivore" gang (seen during a Povus invasion) now correctly have group loot instead of solo loot.

Bonus Levels

The following skills have new bonus synergy levels (when you reach a prerequisite level in another skill):

- Animal Handling: Fishing 42, Skinning 15, Feline Anatomy 19, Bear Anatomy 29, Animal Husbandry 25, Animal Husbandry 50, Animal Husbandry 75, Rodent Anatomy 19, Rodent Anatomy 39
- Archery: Meditation 25, Human Anatomy 19, Crossbow 25, Crossbow 50, Crossbow 75
- Armor Patching: Armorsmithing 15, Armorsmithing 45, Armorsmithing 70
- Bard: Art History 15, Art History 45, Poetry Appreciation 35
- Battle Chemistry: Mycology 30, Cooking 55, Iocaine Resistance 30
- Cow: Unarmed 27, Gardening 51, Gourmand 25, Foraging 26
- Crossbow: Fletching 21, Fletching 34, Fletching 53, Archery 32, Archery 58, Gadgeteering 15, Gadgeteering 45
- Deer: Unarmed 16, Psychology 17, Ruminant Anatomy 17, Cow 26
- Druid: Mycology 45, Rabbit 42, Pig 48, Nature Appreciation 38, Nature Appreciation 65
- Fairy Magic: Fae Anatomy 49
- Fire Magic: Battle Chemistry 20, Battle Chemistry 40, Armorsmithing 28
- First Aid: Priest 15, Priest 45, Compassion 15, Compassion 42, Phrenology 10, Druid 29
- Giant Bat: Animal Handling 46, Necromancy 55, Bard 40
- Ice Magic: Fire Magic 28, Fire Magic 39, Fire Magic 65, Armor Patching 55, Meditation 30, Battle Chemistry 30, Battle Chemistry 55
- Hammer: Unarmed 26, Mining 65
- Necromancy: Undead Anatomy 19, Undead Anatomy 49, Incorporeal Creature Anatomy 26, Spirit Fox 29, Paleontology 24, Paleontology 49
- Pig: Mycology 65
- Priest: First Aid 45, Pig 55
- Rabbit: Unarmed 10, Unarmed 38, Gardening 25, Gardening 53, Gourmand 30, Foraging 28, Deer 16, Animal Handling 28
- Shield: Armorsmithing 48
- Sigil Scripting: Calligraphy 10, Calligraphy 30, Calligraphy 45, Calligraphy 60, Battle Chemistry 11
- Spider: Psychology 19, Psychology 46, Arthropod Anatomy 13, Textiles 34
- Spirit Fox: Unarmed 49, Fishing 37, Gourmand 35, Psychology 51, Myconic 40, Foraging 47, Mentalism 30, Canine Anatomy 23, Fae Anatomy 29, Incorporeal Creature Anatomy 49
- Staff: Sword 42
- Unarmed: Staff 60
- Werewolf: Skinning 35, Canine Anatomy 19, Canine Anatomy 47, Butchering 34, Giant Bat 25, Animal Handling 60

Merry Christmas, and we'll be back with more updates soon!

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