Gribburn's Hair Pin

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Gribburn in Hogan's Keep asked you for a goblin hairpin.


To start this quest, talk to Gribburn in Hogan's Keep (basement). The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.


See Gorvessa over there? She's pretty amazing, huh? And I hear she's only 'temporarily' Malvol's consort. Which means I have a chance! I need a gift, though. Can you get me a goblin hairpin? I'll imbue it with magic and impress her.


  • Obtain a Goblin Hairpin
  • Talk to Gribburn


Rewards for Gribburn's Hair Pin

This will do. Thank you. Now go! Don't let Gorvessa see you giving it to me! I need her to think I crafted it for her. Here, just take some money and shut up about this!