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Helena Veilmoor in Hogan's Keep asked you to get some "hook-claw things."


To start this quest, talk to Helena in Eltibule. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.

You must have previously completed Paying Debts in order to undertake this quest.


I like Hogan a lot. And more importantly, he can protect me from the mantises if they come looking for me here. I wanted to get him something nice, to stay on his good side. Can you help?

Hogan keeps talking about a "claw-staff" he wants to make. But he needs some sort of hook claw things to make it. Can you get some of those, whatever they are?


  • Obtain s x2
  • Talk to Helena Veilmoor


Rewards for Hooks

Are those them? Wow. I guess, yeah, that'd make a pretty good staff! Let me give you something nice for your trouble! Do you like drugs? I'm trying to quit. Take my stash.