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Skill in howling as a werewolf.
Skill Type:
Beast Skill
Max Level:
Skill Trainers:

Skill in howling as a werewolf.

Howling Overview

Howling, for Werewolves, is a natural instinct that provides more benefits than many initially believe.

In-Game Description

Skill in howling as a werewolf.

Training Howling

Connected Skills

Secondary Skills:
  • None.
Related Skills:
  • Beast Speech - Beach Speech is another skill that all Lycanthropes learn.
  • Beast Metabolism - Beast Metabolism is another skill that all Lycanthropes learn.
Synergy Levels:

Bonus Synergy Levels for Howling can be obtained from the following skills and levels:


Howling Mechanics

Group Howl

Lycanthropy Level 7 will grant Howl Mode, an ability described as, "Begin howling to raise your spirits. Remain stationary to continue howling and slowly build up morale benefits. Other werewolves who howl near you will greatly boost the beneficial effects of howling."

The morale boost from howling will grant an increase of both in and out of combat health regeneration, alongside a small damage bonus. The bonus buffs can stack for an hour, and additional werewolves participating in a howl will increase the effects of the boost and duration. For each werewolf, +1hp in-combat, +2hp out-of-combat, +1 damage boost, +1 hour. A continuous howl with five wolves can grant a bonus lasting up to five hours.


  • Wild wolves may howl together to boost their attacks!