Iocaine Resistance

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Iocaine Practice Dose

A carefully tweaked dose of iocaine powder designed to make you very ill but not kill you, allowing the body to build up resistance to the deadly toxin.

Value: 80
Iocaine Practice Dose.

Iocaine Resistance appears to be raised with the help of Recipe for Iocaine Practice Dose which is sold by Voo in the Myconian Cave and require friends.

Each Iocaine Practice Dose you take reduces your maximum health by 50 for 5 minutes, and provides 50 XP towards Iocaine Resistance.

Each level in Iocaine Resistance reduces the damage done by food poisoned with Iocaine (750 direct health damage) by 1%, allowing you to survive if you swallow one.

Level Up Rewards

Iocaine Resistance Level Up Rewards

Level Reward
10 +1 to Mycology
20 +1 to Endurance
40 +1 to Endurance