Lac for Amutasa

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Amutasa in Rahu asked you to obtain a large amount of lac. It can be found on the corpses of many insects.


To start this quest, talk to Amutasa in Rahu. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.


I am running low on lac. Normally we trade with the orcs for it, but their ships have been fewer in number of recent months. I suppose there are local sources, though: giant beetles, for instance. But I suspect the easiest way to get it is the Urak creatures that the orcs use as war-beasts. A pity there are none around here! If you meet an orcish trader, can you purchase any lac they have? I shall repay you.


  • Obtain
  • Talk to Amutasa


Rewards for Lac for Amutasa

You got this for me? I did not see an orcish ship come into port, so I suppose you obtained it from some other means. You must be quite resourceful!