Miss Chievous

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Miss Chievous
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Miss Chievous is a named Scapegoat. She is the god/mascot of the guild "Holy Order". Though she does not attack, she can be a challenging opponent due to her having the highest health of any creature in the game, and will likely require a group of high-leveled players to defeat. She is the only named creature to not give Notoriety XP upon being slain.


Vitals: Health 999999 Armor 200 Rage 0
Location: She can be found near the edge of the map behind Serbule Crypt.

Combat Abilities

None. She does not attack or have a rage meter. She is not labelled as elite.


Meat: None
Skull: None

Reported Loot

  • None


Miss Chievous is a named Scapegoat, that was born on January 1st, 2017. She is one of many Scapegoats that were spawned during the New Years celebration. Some of the members of the guild Holy Order managed to bring her to the edge of the map, and keep her hidden behind the crypt for a few months! During that time, one of the caretakers of the guild's new-found goddess showed the developers about their secret, in hopes that she would be added to the game with a real name, instead of Scapegoat. Luckily for them, and Miss Chievous, the developers loved it! In one of the next updates, she was added to the map with the name 'Miss Chievous', and a respawn point.