Nishika's Meat Request

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Nishika in Rahu asked you to obtain a large amount of meat from grimalkins in the desert.


To start this quest, talk to Nishika in Rahu. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.


My specialty is cat-meat recipes. A lot of visitors expect the meat to be disgusting, but with the right seasoning, it's quite good! And plentiful, too ... or at least it usually is. Right now I seem to be running low. If you have nothing better to do, maybe you could hunt and butcher up some grimalkin meat for me?


  • Obtain Grimalkin Meat
  • Talk to Nishika


Rewards for Nishika's Meat Request

That stench can only mean one thing: you've got my cat meat! Thanks! Hey, as a thank-you, I'd be willing to teach you how I make my famous Orange Cat recipe.

[ Recipe 'Orange Cat' added to Nishika's Training menu. ]