Revenge For Slavery, Pt. 2

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George Madler has asked you to kill a goblin named Algapa. George thinks this goblin can be found in the dungeons beneath Eltibule Keep.


To start this quest, talk to George Madler in Eltibule. The quest is available at [Friends] favor.


The second goblin was the ship captain that held my wife as a slave. But that ship sank. So instead, I'll take revenge on his son, Algapa. Seems fair, right?

And best of all, his son is right here! He's trying to make a name for himself under Eltibule Keep! I bet it'll be no trouble to kill him. Well... probably a little trouble. But it would help me sleep at night.


  • Kill the Goblin named Algapa
  • Talk to George Madler


Rewards for Revenge For Slavery, Pt. 2

Algapa is dead? Hah! If only his father was still alive to weep for him. But no matter. Thank you. Here, let me give you what I can.