Safe For Travel

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Sie Antry asked you to help make the trade path behind her homestead safer.


To start this quest, talk to Sie Antry in Eltibule. The quest is available at [Friends] favor.


Used to be, some orcs would come by to trade. Made some good money, even if they are assholes. But rival orcs released all kinds of monsters in the area and now nobody comes here. Can you help make it safe again?


  • Kill Monsters In Trade Corridor

Note on Trade Corridor:

Trade Corridor refers to the small stretch of land NE of the house that connects it's "peninsula" to the mainland. It starts there, connects to the road that heads north into Kur, and most the monsters on either side of the road count towards the quest.
  • Talk to Sie Antry


Rewards for Safe For Travel

Thanks! I only half want the orc traders to show up. They terrify me and the fairies, but I need the money!

But here... for all your work, have some of the money I got left. Orcs don't usually trade in Council money, they use the old crone coins like these.