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Use this template to create a row in the table of recipes sold by a vendor, if all required parameters are known. This template functions identically to Template:Vendor item row except that it will always use a recipe icon. If not all required parameters are known, use Template:Vendor item row instead.


{{vendor recipe row
 | item =
 | link =
 | cost =
 | favor =


The recipe name.
The numerical cost eg. "15". If not provided, an empty column is shown.
The favor level at which the item is available.
Optional. If a link different than the recipe name is desired (see examples).

Sample output


{{vendor recipe row
 | item = Shield: Infuriating Bash
 | link = Shield
 | cost = 336
 | favor = Neutral

 336 councils   [Neutral] 


  • The primary intent is to improve the transcribing performance so that pages with many recipes can be added.
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