The Second Woo

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Azalak the mantis asked you to get his fellow mantis Zeratak to come visit him.


To start this quest, talk to Azalak in Serbule. The quest is available at [Friends] favor.

You must have previously completed Dinner For Zeratak in order to undertake this quest.


Can you ask Zeratak to come visit me? I wish to meet her in broad daylight so that I can run if things go poorly.


  • Speak with Zeratak
  • Talk to Azalak

Response to player

Azalak wishes to see me? Very well. I shall break a leg, as they say in your idiom. Tell him I am coming.


Rewards for The Second Woo

Oh good! This will be wonderful. Thank you friend!

[Scripted movement not yet implemented.]