Tongues for Shoes

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Gribburn in Hogan's Keep asked you for a bunch of long rubbery tongues from Ranalan Warriors. A tribe of them live in far-off Sun Vale, among other places.


To start this quest, talk to Gribburn in Hogan's Keep (basement). The quest is available at [Comfortable] favor.


So I was enchanting Ultashk's boots, and he mentioned that they keep slipping around on his foot. This is a common goblin problem because our armor is crafted by slaves with low morale. But I think I can fix it! I just need some ranalan flesh! You know, the frog people? They're super rubbery and gross. I think I could dry out their tongues and use them as foot padding. Can you get some for me?



Rewards for Tongues for Shoes

Ewww, so gross! Hahaha! Good job. Here. These shoes are too big for goblins: no amount of padding will save them! But they might fit you.