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Dalvos is a former member of The Council, who is looking for a way to reclaim his seat. He recently created the Brain Bugs in an attempt to create intelligent life. His second attempt was to teach the Mantises based in Serbule's Carpal Tunnels the Mentalism technique. His most recent experiment is based on an artifact known as the Naturesphere. He seems to be working on an army of sentient weather, an advanced form of Weather Witching.

General Lavorel is hunting Dalvos.


Fitz the Boatman

I haven't seen specimens like this since young master Dalvos left to Statehelm! They must be made by an admirer of his technique. I wish to collect them for sentimental reasons.

Fitz the Boatman


We mantises were slaves of Dalvos, alongside those idiot brain bugs, for decades. But now we are free! And we seek culture desperately. It makes many of my brethren foolish.


Dalvos is our racial progenitor. Five years ago, Dalvos gave intellect to the mantises of Eltibule and then enslaved us. When our psychic powers proved threatening to him, he freed us.

He has visited this area, but we have not felt his psychic presence in many months.


Commander Ferrows


General Lavorel