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Explosion Trap

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Explosion Trap
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Very Effective:
Psychic, Poison
Explosion Traps are used by some travelers as a defense mechanism. Unfortunately, their creators sometimes forget to clean up, leaving these dangerous sigils behind. The explode on contact, dealing significant damage.


Serbule Crypt
Vitals: Health 50 Armor 0 Rage 0
Location: Found next to Sir Arif.
Goblin Dungeon
Vitals: Health 40 Armor 0 Rage 0
Location: Green annex. Perhaps they were left here by previous explorers...
Vitals: Health X Armor 0 Rage 0
Location: On the stairs that lead down to the second floor. Watch your step!
War Cache
Vitals: Health 200 Armor 0 Rage 0
Location: War Cache M-3
Gazluk Keep
Vitals: Health X Armor 0 Rage 0
Location: The Explosion Traps found in Gazluk Keep often have 250 Health.

Combat Abilities

icon_3325.png Burst Fire Damage


Reported Loot

Explosion Trap does not drop any items.