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==Combat Abilities==
==Combat Abilities==
* Ranged Electricity Damage
* [[Image:Rage-icon-20px.gif|Rage]] Heavy Ranged Electricity Damage

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Spy Portal
File:Spy Portal.png
Very Effective:
Piercing, Nature, Darkness
Crushing, Slashing, Fire, Cold, Psychic, Poison, Electricity, Acid, Trauma
Spy Portals are Winter Court detection constructs that patrol and guard the halls of the Winter Nexus and the Animal Nexus. If they spot an intruder, they attract other creatures. Their corpse disappears as soon as they die.


Animal Nexus
Vitals: Health 30 Armor 21 Rage 120
Location: Found patrolling the hallways.
Winter Nexus
Vitals: Health X Armor X Rage X
Location: Stronger versions prowl the first floor.

Combat Abilities

icon_2149.png Ranged Electricity Damage
Rage-icon.png icon_2149.png Heavy Ranged Electricity Damage


  • Skin: None
  • Meat: None
  • Skull: None

Reported Loot

  • No Loot


Work harder, not smarter! The Queen demands it!

The Queen Sees All. *your name*, we know what you did. Report for torture.

The Queen has announced she will choose a new consort soon! Applications for Prince of Pain are open now.

4,195,103 Summer and Autumn Fae remain free across 207 worlds. Work harder!

Report aberrations to your nearest torturer

Intruders have been detected in sector U39; connection "Sun Vale"; coastal island. Kill intruders on sight!