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* Hates Meat and Meat Dishes
* Hates Meat and Meat Dishes
* Dislikes Fish and Fish Dishes
* Dislikes Fish and Fish Dishes
* Likes Necklaces
* Likes Necklaces {{Hint|Eraphylle (common) +31.}}
==Quests ==
==Quests ==

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Therese (npc).jpg

Everything I grow is organic: no magic used! I mean, if I knew magic that could grow veggies faster, I'd use it... but I don't, so it's a selling point!

Therese is a gardener. She also sells Tannin powder so you can process animal skins at the Tanning Rack. Like most Elven residents of Serbule, Therese is a refugee from Dwyndarre. She has only been growing herbs and vegetables for a few months. Unlike most Elves, Therese has no problems getting dirty. Therese lives in the Windmill in Serbule.


Serbule Keep


Potato Potato Seedling 7 gold
Onion Seedling Onion Seedling 9 gold
Cabbage Cabbage Leafling 12 gold
Beet Beet Seedling 15 gold
Bottle of Water Bottle of Water 100 gold
Recipe Garderning: Basic Fertilizer Recipe 45 gold
Handsaw Handsaw
Required to gather wood
75 gold
Squash Squash Seedling 19 gold
Broccoli Broccoli Seedling 22 gold
Carrot Carrot Seedling 27 gold
Rough Tannin Powder Rough Tannin Powder 7 gold
Decent Tannin Powder Decent Tannin Powder 15 gold
Quality Tannin Powder Quality Tannin Powder
Req. Close Friends
20 gold
Dyepot Dye Pot 30 gold
Gemcrusher Gem Crusher
Req. Close Friends
2000 gold

Small Talk

  • Likes Plants
  • Likes Seeds Hint
  • Hates Meat and Meat Dishes
  • Dislikes Fish and Fish Dishes
  • Likes Necklaces Hint


  • Therese Wants Hash Browns : Therese has asked for some Hash Browns. Hint
  • Bone Meal : Therese has asked for Bone Meal. She thinks it's most easily obtained at the crypt at the back of the small graveyard beneath Serbule. Hint
  • Dinosaur Scales for Therese [Comfortable] : Obtain 5 Dinosaur Scales from within the Serbule Crypt Hint


Basic Fertilizer (from Bone) (at Friends)
Bone Meal (from Femur) (at Close Friends)