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== Combat Abilities ==
== Combat Abilities ==
:{{Combat Ability|Crushing Damage}}
:{{Combat Ability|Slashing Damage}}
:{{Combat Ability Rage|Crushing Health Devastation}}
== Miscellaneous ==
== Miscellaneous ==

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Trained Crushing Bear
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Electricity, Acid
Crushing, Trauma
Trained Crushing Bear are known for massive rage attacks that define the Bear family, this one is just as deadly as the others.


Goblin Dungeon
Vitals: Health 354 Armor 329 Rage 559
Location: Found throughout the dungeon, except the Annex.
Boarded up Basement
Vitals: Health X Armor X Rage X
Location: All throughout the first corridors.

Combat Abilities

icon_2130.png Slashing Damage
icon_2129.png Crushing Damage
Rage-icon.png icon_3067.png Crushing Health Devastation



Reported Loot

General Loot

Level 30 Equipment (Rings & Necklaces)

Animal Handling Stats

Trained Crushing Bear
Animal Handling Level to Tame: 40
Maximum Bond Level: 80
Maximum Happiness: 100
Maximum Enthusiasm: 10
Weak Against: Acid, Electricity
Resists: Crushing, Trauma
Vitals at Tamed Health 200 Armor 225