Find Poe

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Mu asked you to locate Poe, a myconian that may not entirely be under Tidal's influence, and deliver a message-spore.


To start this quest, talk to Mu in Myconian Caverns. The quest is available at [Neutral] favor.


Most myconians have turned away from my counsel. But Poe -- loyal Poe is out there somewhere. I don't really believe Poe has turned away from me. Find Poe and deliver this message-spore. And if Poe needs help, please do whatever is necessary.


  • Deliver Message Spore to Poe
  • Talk to Mu

Response to player

This message spore is from Mu? I see.

He understands me well. Tell him that so long as I am alive, I will serve him. But I must keep up appearances with Tidal, or be torn apart!


Rewards for Find Poe

Poe is alive? Thank you! In return, let me teach you what I can of our language.

[You gain Myconic XP.]