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Bugfix Update: Aug 27, 2019

- You can once again earn Mycology XP after unlocking the skill to level 80. If you unlocked Mycology prior to this fix, you do not need to do it again.
- Recipe XP Drop-off uses your raw Skill level, not including any bonuses you may have.
- XP for Hoplology and Phrenology recipes no longer diminishes when your skill is much higher than the recipe.
- Fairy Chimes will now correctly give you percussion XP.
- You can now only grow two pea plants at once.
- Looting a Pixie Antler will now advance the favor "Pixie's Whim: Antler Replacement".
- Pegast now requires that you complete the favor "Just Kill 'Em" before you can accept "Keep Killing 'Em".
- Pegast now give appropriate favor for magical Fairy Dirks.
- Fixed problems with "Bad Memory Fixer" quest; if you were currently on the quest, you need to re-get the quest from Midge's favors menu.
- Now when you complete a barter with Midge, you also gain 10 Favor with her.
- Please note that Midge is not supposed to accept gifts until reaching Friends or higher level. We're working on a better way to present that information to players so you know what's going on. But it is intended behavior.
- Felmer now has a visible favor bar. He also properly marks good gifts for him in your inventory.
- Felmer now properly offers to unlock Tanning 71-80.
- Felmer now teaches how to make astounding cloth cowls.
- Vigorous Defense 3 now gives 90 power instead of 70.
- Take the Lead 6 boosts sprint to 10.5 and boosts taunt 175% (instead of 10 and 150%).
- Armor Patch Kit recipes now require you to know the previous recipe. Also fixed were recipes for First Aid Kits, First Aid Bombs, Throwing Knives, and Skinning Knives.
- Amazing Venison is now deer meat, which means that Backfat likes it.
- Winter Trolls were marked as Elite but are not Elite. (... except the giant ones, which are elite.)

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