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Patch Notes: October 5

This is another bug-fix update.

- Fixed a game-stutter problem when opening UI windows and elements
- Fix issues with dancing and the synchronized-dancing game
- The "More Info" screen for items would display preview information instead of gifting information when you first opened it
- Fixed problems with using the candlemaking station in Hogan's basement
- Fix periodic flickering in Eltibule
- Decreased the price of Liquid Soul Anchor on Riston in the casino to 6 Live Event Credits (previously 8)
- Fixed task text for "Cleanup Duty: Triceratops", "Auto-Camp Safety Blanket"; the quest descriptions were right, but the smaller task blurbs were wrong
- When you complete the later Povus nightly quests, the town now earns more XP (was 50 town XP for most quests, now 100)
- Lincha and other random-quest-giving Povus NPCs did not correctly choose a new random quest each game-day
- The recipe for "Povus Marvelous Mining Survey Map" was creating maps that yielded the same results as lower-level "Povus Superb Mining Survey Maps"
- The quest "Recover Lost Fly Amanita" required you to pick the wrong kind of mushroom
- Genetics analyzers could not break during failed analysis attempts, only successful ones. This is fixed
- During the Povus "Light the Lamps" quest, lighting all the lamps for a particular neighborhood now disables respawns in that neighborhood
- When Povus nightly quests complete, leftover monsters despawn more quickly. (They used to wait until no players were nearby, but now disappear within 1-2 minutes regardless.)
- Kuvou no longer have in-combat health regeneration. But they still have impressive armor and armor-regen
- Made some changes to Povus to try to fix reports of players falling through the ground. (We can't repro this yet, so our "fix" may or may not work!)

We'll be back with more fixes (and holiday content) soon!

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