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Get every NPC on your side!

  • Most NPCs in Project: Gorgon have services and special rewards when you gain enough favor with them. They also offer additional quests. So for the player who is used to haveing a guiding "main quest line", this is where you can find some of your goals as you try to complete errands and earn favor from NPCs, which will send you to explore the world and the dungeons.
  • It is common that after completing a quest you'll find you still need to get a bit of favor to reach the next relationship level (for example you are 60% into "Comfortable" after doing an errand for the NPC, you still need 40% favor to move to "Friends" level). So if no more quests are available, check Small Talk and learn about their likes and dislikes and collect gifts for them.
  • Getting Comfortable or higher with most NPCs can earn you significant benefits, such as the ability to Shop, additional Storage (ie. permanent storage for your items), more quests, special recipes, etc.
  • One important thing to note is that it is very possible for a player to receive a quest that they cannot currently do, be that because they are low-leveled, missing skills, or need to go to harder/different areas no worries! Just keep the quest in your quest log and when you can complete the quest the NPC will give you your reward once you return to them.


Joeh: Always with a smirk of superiority.

All NPC merchants share one common mechanic: the better your relationship with them (through Favor), the bigger their money pool and the more they will pay for your items (so eventually you can sell loot at full value).

The 'Buy Used' tab shows items sold by other players! If you can afford it, you can often buy items required by a quest rather than craft/hunt/harvest everything on your own.

Hanging out

Remember most NPCs give the option to "hang out" with them. Project: Gorgon also rewards you while you're offline, whether it is for 30 minutes or 8 hours! A good tip here is that you don't need to do that just before logging off. Chose the option at any time while you play, the last one you chose will always be active when you log out. You also don't have to worry about logging back in sooner. It won't cancel, it will just continue next time you log out.

Extra Tips for NPC Favor

Befriending the NPC Joeh, located in the central area of Serbule. He is one of the most helpful NPC's as he buys most gear you'll find within dungeons. Getting his Favor up is very easy, though a bit costly. One of his favorite and easiest things to acquire is Bacon,Item-icon-bacon.png, you can get this recipe from Fainor, located in the large Inn/Tavern style building. The fire near him is also where you can do a majority of cooking. The recipe only requires 2x Salt and 1x Pork Shoulder and gains +3 Favor per Bacon with Joeh.