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Favor represents your relationship-status with NPCs. Favor is raised by giving specific gifts to NPC's, according to their likes and dislikes, and completing quests as well as Hang Out with them. Some NPC's favor requests are much harder than others, this is intended.

Raising your favor with any given NPC can earn various benefits:

  • Their money pool increases so that you can sell more items before they run out of councils.
  • At the same time, they will pay more for items that they are willing to buy
  • Training in unique abilities and recipes not available elsewhere
  • Consignment - a sales service, somewhat similar to auction houses
  • Storage - 10 slots of storage

Selling prices

Until you reach high favor with a merchant NPC, a small exclamation mark icon (!) next to your items informs you that the NPC will not pay full price for this item.

Generally you'll want to gain high favor with most NPCs, however it is worth noting that some NPCs will buy a great variety of items, or buy items that sell for a good price (such as weapons and armor). The location nearby to a dungeon or a teleportation circles can also make certain NPC merchants much more useful.

Relationship levels

By reaching 100% favor you'll take the relationship to the next stage. Each tier of relationship has diminishing returns. The different stages of relationship you can achieve with an NPC goes as follows:

Despised Hated Disliked Tolerated Neutral (starting) Comfortable Friends Close Friends Best Friends Like Family Soul Mates

To get from Neutral to Comfortable requires 100 favor.

To get from Comfortable to Friends requires 200 favor.

To get from Friends to Close Friends requires 300 favor.

To get from Close Friends to Best Friends requires 600 favor.

To get from Best Friends to Like Family requires 800 favor.

To get from Like Family to Soul Mates requires 1000 favor.

Total Favor

The total favor required to obtain each rank is:

Level Favor required
Despised -600.1 or less
Hated -600 to -300.1
Disliked -300 to -100.1
Tolerated -100 to -0.1
Neutral 0 to 99.9
Comfortable 100 to 299.9
Friends 300 to 599.9
Close Friends 600 to 1199.9
Best Friends 1200 to 1999.9
Like Family 2000 to 2999.9
Soul Mates 3000 or greater

Hanging Out

NPCs in Project: Gorgon are a cool bunch and most of them want to "hang out" with you! They will reward you with Favor as well as miscellaneous rewards in theme with the activity you selected.

You don't need to remember to do that every time you log off by the way. You can chose an "Hang Out" activity with any NPC as you play, and the last one you selected will be active once you log out. You also don't have to worry about logging back in sooner (whew), the activity will continue next time you log out.

Favor Guide

Click on Expand to view the Loves and Likes for NPCs in specific zones. Please note that some NPCs do not have favor options yet.

Serbule NPCs

NPC Name Favor
Akhisa's Herald
  • Likes Gems Hint
  • Likes Flowers Hint
  • Likes Books
  • Loves Head Gear
  • Likes Crystals and Gems
  • Likes Antiques Hint
  • Likes Dairy
  • Hates Animal Skins
  • Likes Fire Staves
Charles Thompson
  • Likes Mushrooms of all Types
  • Likes Combat Beakers and Flasks
  • Likes Rare Alchemy Recipes
Creepy Alchemist
Dye Monster
  • Likes Gems Hint
  • Likes Flowers
  • Likes Books
  • Loves Drugs [Friends] Hint
  • Likes Prepared Food
  • Likes Magical Bows
  • Likes Rings [Friends]
  • Hates Drugs [Friends]
  • Likes Fish
  • Likes Meat
  • Likes Milk and Cheese Hint
  • Likes Vegetables
  • Likes Prepared Food Hint
  • Hates Crystals and Gems [Friends]
Fitz the Boatman
  • Loves Rare Recipes and Knowledge Hint
  • Likes Items With Interesting History Hint
  • Likes Potions Hint
  • Hates Food [Close Friends]
  • Loves Fluorite Gems Hint
  • Loves Horseshoes (and other animal shoes) Hint
  • Loves Magic Equipment with Animal Handling
Harry the Wolf
  • Likes Prepared Food
  • Likes Seeds Hint
  • Likes Seedlings
  • Likes Cooking Recipes
  • Hates Poetry
  • Likes Prepared Food
  • Likes Seeds
  • Likes Seedlings
  • Likes Cooking Recipes
  • Hates Poetry
  • Loves Swords
  • Likes Shields
  • Hates Jewelry
  • Loves Meat Hint
Juri the Boatman
  • Loves Figurines
  • Likes Fancy Rings Hint
  • Likes Precious Gems Hint
Legacy Item Replacer
Leonard Allenson

Lugnir does not give Small Talk.

  • Loves Rare Recipes
  • Loves Vegetarian Food Hint
  • Hates Meat
  • Likes Animal Skins Hint
  • Loves Fire Staves Hint
Mushroom Jack
  • Dislikes Food
  • Dislikes Shoes
  • Likes Miscellaneous Junk
  • Loves Mushrooms Hint
  • Likes Headgear
  • Likes Body Parts [Friends]
Nelson Ballard
  • Likes Hand-made Carpentry items Hint
  • Likes Drinks Hint
  • Loves Fashionable Shoes
Norbert/Strange Pig
  • Dislikes Food
  • Likes Flowers Hint
  • Likes Clothing (non-armored)
  • Loves Slippers
  • Likes Interesting Reading Material
Roshun the Traitor
  • Loves Staves
  • Likes Orcish Cultural Artifacts
  • Likes Gur-HortaHint
  • Hates Nature
Serbule Keep NPCs
Sir Coth
  • Likes All Art Hint
  • Likes Flawless Animal Skins
  • Likes Ivory [Friends?] Hint
  • Hates Potions [Friends?]
  • Likes Metal Armor
  • Likes Good Metal Slabs (or higher) Hint
  • Likes Snail Shells Hint
  • Likes Ancient Coins Hint
Teaching Golem
  • Likes Plants Hint
  • Likes Seeds Hint
  • Hates Meat and Meat Dishes
  • Dislikes Fish and Fish Dishes
  • Likes Necklaces Hint

South Serbule NPCs

NPC Name Favor
Brianna Willer
  • Loves Dahlias Hint
  • Loves Moss Agates
  • Likes Barrels
Durstin Tallow
  • Loves Figurines
  • Likes Ivory
  • Likes Calligraphy Recipe Scrolls
  • Likes Meditation Stools Hint
  • Likes Fish Dishes
Jaime Fatholm
  • Likes Magical Bows
  • Likes Good Metal Slabs (or higher) Hint
  • Likes Gold Hint
  • Likes Silver
  • Likes Sardonyx Gems Hint
  • Hates Prepared Meals
Lana Songtree
  • Likes Wool
  • Likes Tailoring Recipes
  • Likes Pink Dye
  • Likes Pickled Fish
  • Loves Animal Horns
  • Loves Boar Tusks
  • Likes Fish Dishes
Tyler Green
  • Loves Gently-Used Shields
  • Likes Armor Repair Kits (kit:favor; Simple: 5:1, Basic 5:2)
  • Likes Ability Recipe Books
  • Loves Citrus Fruits

Eltibule NPCs

NPC Name Favor
Dye Maker
George Madler
  • Likes Council Certificates Hint
  • Likes Unused Cloth Hint
  • Likes Pineal Juice Hint
  • Likes Hand-Made Furniture Hint
  • Loves Spoons Hint
Gretchen Salas
  • Likes Chairs and Other Things To Sit On Hint
  • Likes Veggie-Heavy Dinners Hint
  • Loves Strange Dirt Hint
Helena Veilmoor
  • Hates Stupid Crap
  • Hates Gross Monster Bits
  • Loves Poetry Hint
  • Likes Extremely Valuable Things Hint
  • Likes Obsidian Hint
  • Loves Pretty Clothes
  • Loves Paintings Hint
  • Likes Cooking Recipes [Comfortable]
  • Hates Grisly Monster Trophies [Comfortable]
  • Likes Bones
  • Loves Hearts
  • Likes Equipment with Necromancy Prerequisites
  • Likes Gauntlets and Gloves Hint
  • Loves Brass Items Hint
  • Likes Raw Fish Hint
  • Hates Citrus [Comfortable]
  • Hates Artwork
  • Loves Onyx Hint
  • Likes Skins Hint
  • Likes Potions
  • Likes Swords Hint
  • Likes Equipment With Sword Requirements Hint
  • Loves Calligraphy Recipe Scrolls
  •  ???
Percy Evans
  • Likes Peridots Hint
  • Likes Fairy Wings Hint
  • Likes Magic Teeth
  • Loves Drying Boxes of Arrows Hint
  • Likes Pick-Me-Up Juice (Close Friends?)
  • Likes Memory Inhibitor Potions (Close Friends?)
Sie Antry
  • Loves Snail Shells Hint
  • Likes Bloodstones Hint
  • Likes Footwear [Comfortable]
  • Hates Potions [Comfortable]
Suspicious Cow
  • Hates Stupid Crap
  • Hates Gross Monster Bits
  • Loves Poetry
  • Likes Extremely Valuable Things
  • Likes Obsidian Hint
Thimble Pete
  • Likes Dessert Hint
  • Likes Tailoring Recipe Scrolls
  • Likes Sexy Clothing
  • Likes Spoons Hint

My Daughter left Povus to work for a human and learn his miserable human trade. She spurned the family history of cartography and shamed me. But I still miss her.

  • Likes Magic Necklaces Hint
  • Loves Onyx Hint
  • Likes Ancient Coins Hint
  • Likes Spleens Hint


  • Loves Lapis Lazuli
  • Loves Mushrooms Hint
  • Likes Amulets [Above Neutral]

Kur Mountains NPCs

NPC Name Favor
  • Likes Ethnic Jewelry and Ornaments Hint
  • Likes White Crystals Hint
  • Likes Cranium Gel Hint
Jace Soral
  • Likes Werewolf Oriented Magic Items
  • Likes Raw Fish
  • Likes Fish Meals
  • Likes Max-Health-Boosting Potions
Janet Lews
  • Likes Swords
  • Likes Carnelians Hint
  • Likes Fruit Dishes Hint
  • Loves Magic Oils Hint
  • Loves Onyx Hint
  • Likes Lumber Hint
  • Likes Sexy Clothes Hint
  • Likes Fashionable Shoes Hint
Landri the Cold
  • Likes Ice Cores Hint
  • Likes Fire Staves
  • Likes Anything with Fire Magic enchantments
  • Hates Clothing
Laura Neth
  • Likes Anything Edible Hint
  • Likes Desserts Hint
  • Likes Paintings [Comfortable] Hint
  • Likes Equipment with psychology prerequisites
  • Likes Bounceweed
  • Likes Tundra Lichen Hint
  • Likes Topaz Hint
  • Likes Gur-Horta Hint
  • Likes Goldenrod Dye Pots
  • Hates Organs and Body Parts
Ratuk the Thinker
  • Likes Tsavorite Gems Hint
  • Likes Aquamarine Gems Hint
  • Likes Amethyst Gems Hint
  • Likes Magic Rings
  • Loves Fresh Citrus Fruit Hint


  • Likes Necklaces and Amulets
  • Likes Moonstones
  • Likes Unusual Animal Trophies
  • Hates Vegetables
  • Likes Wood
  • Likes Furniture
  • Likes Leather Rolls
  • Likes Trophy Animal Skins Hint
  • Likes Meaty Meals Hint
  • Likes Snail Shells Hint
  • Likes Ancient Coins Hint
  • Hates Citrus [Comf+?]

Sun Vale NPCs

NPC Name Favor
  • Loves Fairy Wings Hint
  • Loves Magic Clubs Hint
  • Likes Ancient Coins Hint
  • Hates Troll Flesh
Cinnamon the rabbit
  • Loves Carrots
  • Likes raw vegetables
  • Likes equipment with rabbit prerequisites
  • Likes Potions
  • Loves Alchemy Recipes
  • Likes Fire Dust, Sulfur, and Saltpeter
  • Likes Cloth
  • Likes Dyes Hint
  • Likes Magic Swords
  • Loves Cooked Vegetable Meals Hint
  • Likes Winter Court Armor
Jake the Buckler
  • Likes Good Metal Slabs (or higher)
  • Likes Dye
  • Likes Magic Equipment with Deer Prerequisites
  • Loves Bounceweed
  • Likes Vegetable-Laden Snack Foods
  • Likes Good Metal Slabs (or higher) Hint
  • Loves Figurines
  • Likes Corpse Trophies
  • Loves Hooks and Stingers
  • Likes Enchanted Daggers
  • Loves Obsidian
  • Likes Throwing Knives
  • Likes Mushrooms
  • Likes Necklaces
  • Likes Odd Scrolls
  • Likes Gems and Crystals Hint
  • Dislikes Fae Felt
  • Likes Magic Equipment with Cow Prerequisites
  • Likes Vegetarian Meals
  • Hates Meat and Meat Dishes
  • Hates Leather, Skins, and Leather Products
  • Loves Equipment with Mentalism Level Requirements
  • Likes Cloth Armor
  • Loves Animal Horns Hint
  • Loves Chest Armor
  • Likes Fruit Dishes Hint
  • Loves Equipment with Druid Prerequisites
  • Likes Raw Meat
  • Likes Shiny Crystals
The Wombat
  • Loves Wood Hint
  • Loves Wooden Equipment
  • Dislikes Footwear
  • Hates Metal Equipment
  • Loves Racial-Slot Equipment
  • Likes Restorative Potions
  • Loves Magic Rings
  • Likes Skulls
  • Hates Antiques

Ilmari NPCs

NPC Name Favor
Alravesa the All-Hunter
  • Loves Magic Equipment with Archery Prerequisites
  • Likes Statues and Figurines
  • Hates Food
  • Loves Skulls of All Types
  • Loves Brains of All Types
  • Loves Dragon Scales
Falkrin Overstrike
  • Loves Magic Equipment with Hammer Prerequisites
  • Likes Moss Agates
  • Hates Leather Armor
  • Likes Paintings
  • Likes Fish Dishes Hint
  • Loves Silver Items Hint
  • Likes Monster Corpse Trophies Hint
  • Likes Fish Meals Hint
  • Loves Dirt Hint
  • Likes Rare or Better Magic Gear Hint
  • Dislikes Non-Magical Equipment
  • Loves Skulls of All TypesHint
  • Loves Brains of All TypesHint
  • Loves Dragon ScalesHint
  • Likes Ice Cores Hint
  • Likes Bloodstones Hint
  • Loves Piles of Raw Meat
  • Loves Exotic Cooking Recipes
Sir Johnson
  • Loves Off-Hand Augments
  • Loves Onyx Hint
  • Likes Shields
The Sand Seer
  • Likes Magic Equipment with Fire Magic Prerequisites
  • Loves Clothing and Cloth Armor
  • Likes Crystals Hint
  • Likes Gems Hint
  • Likes Jewelry Hint

Rahu NPCs

NPC Name Favor
  • Loves Maximized Obsidian
  • Loves Snail Shells Hint
  • Loves Headgear with Hammer Prerequisites Hint
Ashk the Answerer
  • Likes Equipment with Mentalism prerequisites
  • Loves Animal Horns
  • Loves Animal Stingers Hint
  • Likes Animal Teeth Hint
Daniel Murderdark
  • Likes Bones Hint
  • Loves Ectoplasm Hint
  • Likes Serpentine Gems Hint
  • Loves Barrels of Hard Liquor (Aged or Not)
  • Loves Casks of Wine (Aged or Not)
  • Loves Juniper Berries
  • Likes Magical Unarmed Weapons
  • Loves Egg Dishes
  • Likes Exotic Alchemy Potions
Ichin the Ice Master
  • Likes Mushrooms of all types
  • Likes Equipment with Ice Magic prerequisites
  • Likes Ice Cores
  • Likes Tundra Lichen Hint
  • Likes Carpentry Items Hint
  • Likes Exotic Potions
Lady Windsong
  • Likes Equipment with Druid Prerequisites
  • Loves Enchanted Mistletoe
  • Likes Garnets Hint
  • Likes Raw Vegetables
  • Likes Bloodstones Hint
  • Loves Leather Armor with Archery Prerequisites
  • Likes Equipment with Bard prerequisites.
  • Likes Azurite Gems
  • Likes Spider Silk
  • Loves Raw Fish Hint
  • Loves Magic Daggers
  • Likes Paintings

Sergeant Ultaka
  • Likes Antiques
  • Loves Carded Cotton
  • Likes Cinnabar
  • Loves Cheese Hint
  • Likes Skins Hint
  • Likes Carpentry Items Hint
  • Likes Exotic Potions
  • Loves Flower Seeds
  • Likes Flowers
  • Likes Paladium Ore
  • Likes Pyrite Ore

Gazluk NPCs

NPC Name Favor
  • Loves Egg Dishes
  • Loves Glowly Yellow Crystals
  • Loves Figurines
  • Loves Iocane Mushrooms
  • Loves Groxmax Mushrooms
  • Loves Porcini Mushrooms
  • Likes Black Foot Morels
  • Likes Pixie's Parasol Mushrooms

Dungeon NPCs

These NPCs are located within dungeons inside certain zones.

Serbule Dungeons


NPC Name Favor
  • Likes Art
  • Likes Bones Hint
  • Loves BreadHint

Serbule Crypt

NPC Name Favor
Pulsing Crystal
Sir Arif
  • Hates Fish
  • Likes Anything Else Edible Hint
  • Likes Staves
  • Likes Magic Leggings [Comfortable]
Strange Spider

Under the Hand NPCs

NPC Name Favor
  • Likes Prepared Meat Dishes Hint
  • Likes Magic Rings
  • Likes Myconian Heartshrooms

Myconian Cave NPCs

NPC Name Favor
  • Loves Plants
  • Loves Raw Vegetables Hint
  • Likes Brass Items
  • Likes Heartshrooms Hint
  • Likes Blue Crystals Hint
  • Likes Cranium Powder [Friends] Hint
  • Likes Mushrooms
  • Loves Flowers Hint
  • Loves Ores and Unrefined Metals Hint
  • Likes Mushrooms
  • Likes Alchemical Concoctions.
  • Likes Vendor Trash Hint
  • Likes Storage Crates Hint
  • Likes Textiles Hint

Eltibule Dungeons

Goblin Dungeon NPCs

NPC Name Favor
  • Likes First Aid Kits Hint
  • Likes Drugs Hint
  • Likes Garnets Hint
  • Likes Desserts Hint

Kur Mountains

Kur Tower NPCs

NPC Name Favor
  • Loves Skulls of All Types Hint
  • Loves Brains of All Types
  • Likes Cloth Armor
Quest Hag

Wolf Cave NPCs

NPC Name Favor
  • Likes Shields
  • Likes Equipment with Lycanthropy prerequisites
  • Likes Fire Dust

Sun Vale

Winter Nexus NPCs

NPC Name Favor
Corey The Croaker
  • Likes Weird Junk
  • Likes Cloth Armor
  • Loves Fairy Wings
  • Likes Orange and Red Gems Hint
  • Likes Flowers Hint
  • Maximized Gems Hint


New Prestonbule Cave NPCs

NPC Name Favor
Bellema Deftwhisper
  • Likes Drinks
  • Loves Magic Crossbows
  • Loves Lapis Lazuli Hint
  • Likes Pyrite
  • Likes Delicate Tack Hammers
  • Likes Opals Hint
Hemmit Magmagrip
  • Likes Fully Assembled Mushroom Boxes
  • Likes Porcini Mushrooms
  • Likes Black Foot Morels
Mox Warcut
  • Loves Amazing (and better) First Aid Kits
  • Likes Porcini Mushrooms
  • Likes Black Foot Morels
Rick Snapley
  • Loves Poisons Hint
  • Likes Poisoned Food and Drink Hint
  • Likes Magic Knives
  • Loves Clothing and Cloth Armor
  • Likes Phlogiston

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