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Quest Name NPC Description Preface Text
The Beautiful Topaz Larsan Larsan needs a Topaz.
Oritania's Navel Ring Larsan Larsan needs you to deliver a ring to Oritania in Eltibule Keep.
Horseshoe Orders Gisli Gisli needs you to check on his order for horseshoes with Tadion.
Fresh Grass Gisli Gisli needs some fresh grass.
Velkort Needs Fire Dust Velkort Velkort wants you to obtain some Fire Dust for him. Fire Dust is a precious commodity to us fire mages. You need a ton of it while researching advanced spells! Unfortunately I've just recently run out. I wouldn't mind if someone were to obtain some for me. I hear there's Fire Spiders somewhere far from here, and their corpses are full of the stuff.
Giant Mushroom Sample (Quest) Charles Thompson Charles Thompson wants you to obtain a giant mushroom sample for him.
The Trespassing Charlatan Nelson Ballard Nelson Ballard asked you to deliver a Praetor's Order to a shady potion seller living in a tent outside of town. There was a charlatan visiting town a couple days ago. Well, his potions are magical, but Velkort said they incredibly toxic. I ordered him to leave Serbule, but I hear he's still around somewhere, selling potions out of his tent. So now I have to make it official. Can you deliver this? It's a Praetor's Order, declaring him illegal in this area.
Cheese Run Nelson Ballard Nelson Ballard in Serbule has asked you to obtain some cheese he ordered from a man in Eltibule Keep. Well, if you're heading all the way out to Eltibule, could you stop by the keep and pick up my cheese from an Elf named Braigon? I need it right away, and I think he forgot about me.
Talk to Jack Charles Thompson Charles Thompson has asked you to talk to Mushroom Jack about the giant mushrooms near Serbule. Before I was rudely kicked out of Serbule, I was trying to get in touch with a fanciful fellow who lives there. He's an Elf, so who knows if he's trustworthy, but his name is "Mushroom Jack." Delightful, isn't it? Anyway, I heard he knows about those gigantic mushrooms on the hill nearby. Could you ask him what medicinal properties they have? I'm mostly worried that they're poisonous.
Strange Dirt (Quest) Charles Thompson Charles Thompson has asked you to obtain some "strange dirt - you know, the kind that you sometimes find under mushrooms or corpses." A favor? Well, I'm out of dirt. Not just regular dirt, you understand--the strange dirt you sometimes find under mushrooms or corpses. It has a million uses! Most people use it for fertilizer, but I use it in potions. I just use a lot of sugar to mask the taste.
Heartshrooms Mu Mu the Myconian asked you to collect the heartshrooms of any Myconians you're forced to kill. If you travel in these caves you will meet violent myconians. Either you or they shall die. If it is they who die, please bring back any intact heartshrooms you find. We can regrow myconians from them.
Kill Giant Mantises Sie Antry Sie Antry wants you to kill Giant Mantises near her homestead. Yeah, there's some mantises out there that are causin' trouble. Can you go whack 'em? They're getting too close for comfort.
Velkort Desires Grapes Velkort Velkort offhandedly asked for some grapes. Hm? No, I don't need anything. Wait, actually, have you got any grapes? I just want a snack.
Find Gravestones Blanche Find all 6 gravestones in the little graveyard nearby.
Kill Giant Snails Sie Antry Sie Antry wants you to kill Giant Snails near her homestead. Oh for fuck's sake. Now the snails are gettin' too close! Go clear those out too, okay?
Find Poe Mu Mu asked you to locate Poe, a myconian that may not entirely be under Tidal's influence, and deliver a message-spore. Most myconians have turned away from my counsel. But Poe – loyal Poe is out there somewhere. I don't really believe Poe has turned away from me. Find Poe and deliver this message-spore. And if Poe needs help, please do whatever is necessary.
Velkort Wants A Lobe Velkort Velkort wants you to obtain a Brain Bug Lobe. He says they can occasionally be found from Brain Bugs. My research has hit a stumbling block. I need a specific item: the pulsing lobe of a Brain Bug. If only I had time to go out into the wilderness and search for them...
Collect Giant Snail Shells Sie Antry Sie Antry requested two perfect giant snail shells. Can you get me some perfect snail shells? They need to be perfect, and those are harder to find. But I only need two of 'em.
Find Mushrooms Mushroom Jack Bring 10 mushroom to Mushroom Jack. Bring me 10 mushrooms and I'll tell you more. Maybe. If you aren't a Myconian spy!
Defeat the Wolf Trial Harry the Wolf Use the wolf whistle at the strange dais in the forest outside of Serbule, then defeat the mystical wolf pack that appears. It will be a difficult fight! Use cunning!
Safe For Travel Sie Antry Sie Antry asked you to help make the trade path behind her homestead safer. Used to be, some orcs would come by to trade. Made some good money, even if they are assholes. But rival orcs released all kinds of monsters in the area and now nobody comes here. Can you help make it safe again?
Get Some Culture Velkort Find some of the cultural lore items scattered throughout the town of Serbule. To be a good wizard, you have to know more lore. Go search the town and really study what you find. Pay attention to your surroundings!
Kill Deer Marna Kill 10 deer and return to Marna.
Kill Spiders Oritania Kill 10 spiders and return to Oritania.
Kill Goblins Oritania Kill 30 goblins and return to Oritania.
Ivory Horn (Quest) Tadion Tadion wants an ivory horn. I'm making a special … device. For Ivyn. It's a … well, anyway, it doesn't matter. I need a horn. A really nice one, maybe made of ivory? Or something even better if you come across it. Thanks.
Kill Panthers Kalaba Kill 5 panthers and return to Kalaba.
Metal Slabs Tadion Tadion needs some metal slabs for his current project. Blacksmithing is all about shaping metal. But we've been a little low on metal for a while now. I mean, there's not exactly an iron mine nearby. I generally make do, but I wouldn't mind some spare metal, that's for sure!
Kill Fey Panthers Kalaba Kill 2 fey panthers and return to Kalaba.
Lumber for the Forge Tadion Tadion wants some firewood to keep his forge hot. I know Velkort thinks I should be able to keep the forge hot through my magic, but I'm afraid I was never very good at it. Hammering's more my thing. Can you get me some non-magical fuel for my fire? I'm running low.
Find Bones Lawara Bring 4 bones to Lawara. Hey, you've been killing those damned skeletons, right? Got any good, strong femurs? I need a half-dozen for this project I'm working on.
Get Crystal Samples Blanche Use Blanche's awl to chip the giant crystal somewhere out in the forest. You aren't sure what will happen when you do this. You've been told to be careful.
Kill Tigers Joeh Exterminate 5 tigers and return to Joeh. Prove your worth first and then I'll tell you. We've had a huge number of tigers show up at the pond underneath the waterfall. Velkort said they're flooding in from another dimension or some ridiculous thing... but all I know is they're dangerous. Go kill them and come back. Oh, but I do have armor and supplies for sale if you need them.
Un-cow-ification Harry the Wolf Harry says he'll give you some of his precious antidote. But you'll have to pay him handsomely for it!
Collect Apples Fainor Fainor the elf doesn't trust you since you're an animal. Collect 20 apples in the forest to convince him to do business with you.
Unlocking the Crystal Lattice Velkort Velkort wants me to go grab a piece of blue crystal from a nearby crypt. The entrance is in the graveyard. I'm to avoid the central room with the giant spider, and work my way around the perimeter until I reach an energy barrier. The secret code for the barrier is 397.
Damned Dinosaurs Sir Arif Sir Arif has asked you to kill the dinosaurs that roam the crypt. So we accidentally summoned a portal to an area infested with dinosaurs. And now this tomb is crawling with them! I've cleared out a bunch from this area, but can you hunt down some more?
Ursula's Creepy Bear Sir Arif Sir Arif wants you to kill Ursula and bring her creepy stuffed bear as proof. Lady Rasheen was a fellow engineer with a whole lot more experience fixing portals. I wish she was here now, but she was killed by her own curiosity. She opened the tomb nearby and a skeleton climbed into her mind. Said the only way to cure it was to kill the skeleton, but we weren't strong enough. She died blubbering in the corner about how children were throwing fire at her. Very sad. Anyway! Can you go kill that thing? She has a plush toy – bring it to me as evidence.
Talk to Someone Who Knows - Maybe you should talk to Harry about how to fix your unfortunate cow-hood. If there's one person who knows animal transformation curses, it's Harry.
Fiery Secrets, Round 2 Marna Marna wants me to burn myself on a total of 12 different candles inside the nearby crypt. I may not be able to reach all the candles right away, it's too dangerous... but I should keep it in mind for later. I need more data. Can you go touch some more candles in the crypt? Say, a dozen. But you can count the ones you've already touched toward the total.
Deer In The Crypt Sir Arif Sir Arif has asked for some venison. I am so sick of Summoned Council Rations. Can you get me some fresh meat? How about ham? No! Venison!
Fiery Secrets Marna Marna wants me to burn myself on the candles inside the nearby crypt. In return she'll teach me some first aid techniques. Hey, do me a favor, go burn yourself on some of those eldritch candles scattered around the crypt beneath town. I want to study the burn patterns. Each candle should leave a distinct burn mark. Just go touch four of them and come back. Oh it won't hurt THAT much, you big baby!
The Bear in There Jara Jara's barn has been coopted by a huge grizzly bear. She'd be grateful if I could kill it, but she doesn't really think I'm capable of doing so. Well, okay. Thanks! Remember, don't let him hit you. He has arms like a golem bruiser.
Their Hairy Legs Marna Marna wants me to collect a ton of spider legs for her medicinal recipes. In exchange, she'll teach me one of her secret recipes.
Beneath the Red Crystal Velkort Velkort has told me the frequency for the giant red crystal. All I have to do is touch it while thinking the right word. Once I'm past the crystal, I should try to figure out who's behind this and why.
Hogan's Request Hogan Hogan the staff fighter has requested some items as payment for teaching you staff combat.
Velkort Wants Acid Claws Velkort Velkort mentioned some talking mantises in a field, and asked you to kill some and get their claws. Those strange talking mantises out in the fields have weird runes on their claws. Someone drew those on them! Can you gather some specimens for me? I want to know more about them.
Hulon's Bribe Hulon the Hoarder Hulon won't let you use the Council Vault while you're an animal... if his superiors found out, he'd be in trouble. But he hinted that a suitable bribe would get him to look the other way.
Save Sarina Jesina Save Sarina, the enslaved fairy
Defeat Bleddyn Jace Soral Jace Soral has asked you to defeat a hugely powerful werewolf named Bleddyn, somewhere in the forested part of the Kur Mountains. He mentioned that you'd need allies to do it. He also mentioned that silver weapons are extra effective against him.
Fiery Secrets, Round 3 Marna Marna wants me to burn myself on a total of 25 different candles inside the nearby crypt! That's going to take a lot of delving. Okay, last time. Just go touch candles until your hand burns off. Hyperbole! Relax! How about 25, just to be damned sure we've got it done?
Deer Meat Sanja Sanja in the Kul Mountains asked you to bring her some raw venison. I hunger. I should go kill deer... but I need to stay here for a bit longer. Can you bring me a few carcasses?
Bear Massacre Sanja Sanja in the Kul Mountains asked you to ruthlessly kill some mountain bears in her name. Those bears attack even stronger predators! They need to be shown their place. But I don't dare waver in my goal. You, however, might be able to waver a little bit? Just a tad? Make them suffer.
Cheer Up Riger Riger When you first awoke in a cave, an elf named Riger greeted you. He seemed depressed, and asked for something to cure his depression. Unfortunately, he wasn't clear about what that might be. I don't know. I mean, I don't even want to escape, you know? It doesn't matter anymore. I think I'm seriously depressed. But I can't figure out a fix. I wish I could feel hope again.
Werewolves Sanja Sanja in the Kul Mountains asked you to kill the mindless werewolves in the forest. A favor for me? Help me finish my objective here: kill all these mindless werewolves!
Pork Party Joeh Joeh wants an astonishing amount of pork. I'm having a party this weekend and I wanted to serve an insane amount of pork. Just... an INSANE amount! Could you help? I need a few more pork shoulders.
Old Fangsworth Joeh Joeh asked you to kill a tiger called "Old Fangsworth", rumored to live somewhere north of Serbule. Damn it, he's still out there! Mocking me! The only tiger to escape my blade! Old Fangsworth is a crafty beast; I admit he bested me when I was younger. I could kill him now, but I no longer have the time to stalk him and take him out.
Leather Party Joeh Joeh asked you to retrieve a bunch of shoddy leather rolls. You're a good sort. I should let you in on something: I'm fond of leather parties. Everyone wears amazing custom leather clothes, and it's exquisite! I'm throwing one soon, and I need a bunch of leather. Shoddy leather will do; these are costumes that will only be worn once, after all.
Get Cat Eyeballs for Joeh Joeh Joeh asked you to obtain some intact eyes from slain tigers. The sewer system's a mess of poorly-planned portals, and tigers have been pouring in from one of them! Sir Coth is too incompetent to deal with them, and I'm too busy. Can you do it? I need some proof that they're being handled. Can you get me a couple of cat eyeballs? Intact ones are pretty hard to find, but if you kill enough tigers I'm sure you'll get them.
Bacon for Joeh Joeh Joeh wants some bacon. You know what would hit the spot? Some bacon!
Get a Pig Snout Joeh Joeh asked you for a pig snout. I need a pig snout. A really good one. You need to be a pretty good skinner in order to get one, though, and I was never very good at skinning.
Magic Teeth Sanja Sanja in the Kul Mountains asked you to find magic teeth from werewolves. They apparently are rather rare. Werewolves who never leave wolf form eventually start leaking magic into their bones and organs. It's happened to me, and I quite like the feeling, but I wish to study the phenomenon more... without dissecting myself. See if you can find werewolves whose magic has bled into their teeth. I doubt they'll be too common, but please look around.
Rita's Shell Request Rita Rita asked for a flawless giant snail shell. Oh I have a really big favor to ask! It's really hard but I'll totally make it worth your while. Can you get me a flawless giant snail shell? They're really hard to get. I heard you have to kill dozens to find one. But you're so strong and brave, I'm sure it'll only take you a second!
The Mauler (Quest) Kleave Kleave has asked you to slay The Mauler and bring back his claw as proof. North and east of here is a very powerful, semi-sentient fey bear named The Mauler. He and his mate dominate whole swaths of the countryside, maiming and killing any caravans that try to come here. Can you put him down? Bring me his claw when you've done the deed.
Rita Needs Slippers Rita Rita asked you to obtain a pair of comfy slippers. Oh my birthday is coming up... in like six or eight months... and I thought of a great early present you could get me! Goblin Slippers! They supposedly make the most comfortable slippers of any race! I want green ones, but I'm not picky. You pick the color!
Scrap Paintings Kleave Kleave wants some low-value paintings. Paintings worth less than 50 councils would probably work best. Those goblins love artwork. I hate it! Bring me some of the lesser-valued pieces. I use them as floor coverings to keep my tanning chemicals from seeping into the groundwater.
Power Potions! Kleave Kleave wants power potions. I have a long work order to get through today. I need refreshment! You've been down into the goblin basement, no? Do you have any power potions? The goblins love to carry them.
Strips Kleave Kleave has asked you for some leather strips. Drat! Out of scrap pelts again! Can you run and get me some leather strips?
Rita's Soap Rita Rita wants you to deliver some soap she made to Helena who lives in Eltibule, and can be found "somewhere on one of those dumb plateaus". Oh, I made some floral soap for Helena. She lives way off in Eltibule though, on one of those dumb plateaus, so I haven't had a chance to give it to her. If you're headed that way can you give it to her? She's this cute but dorky armor vendor. She's always smelled a little... bad... so I thought... well, hopefully she gets the hint in time for my next orgy!
Rita's Curiosity Rita Rita has asked you to discover the secret of Marna's beautiful long hair. Marna's old, like sooo old. But her hair is so great! You know what I heard? I heard that back before the forest existed, she met a wanderer and helped him ... plant his forest, if you know what I mean, and as a side-effect she's got everflowing hair. Crazy, right? Can you find out if that's true?
Rita Wants Flowers Rita Rita asked for some flowers of any variety. Oh hi, can you get me a bouquet? I don't care what kind of flowers, just a half-dozen nice flowers. Thanks!
Potato Dinner Jesina Jesina asked for a dozen potatoes. I've been so worried about my sister that I've barely grown enough food to keep us fed. Would you mind bringing me some potatoes? I'll give you a fair trade for them.
Flitterbies (Quest) Jesina Jesina wanted you to pick some unusual flowers. I think it'll cheer Sarina up if I make a bouquet of flowers like we used to have back home. But of course mom used flowers native to the fey realm... Hey, actually, I know where you can get some! Look for the wooden pillars nearby. They were going to make a new city out there, but then they gave up. But they planted some Flitterbies early on, and those suckers are hard to kill! I bet there's still some out there.
Pick-Me-Up Jesina Jesina asked for some Pick-Me-Up Juice. Sarina has been so unhappy since she came home. I know time is what she needs now, but maybe chemicals can speed the process up! Can you get me some Pick-Me-Up Juice? It's an old alchemy recipe that puts a smile on your face for a while.
Sarina's Lost Clothes Jesina Jesina asked you to find her sister's backpack full of clothes. They're somewhere near an abandoned home. When the Council was planning out the new town that never happened here, they built a model home to try to attract settlers. It's just past that hill over there. So here's the thing: Sarina used to live there, alone, until goblins kidnapped her in the basement one day. She says she's never going anywhere near there again. But her clothes are there, and she's stretching out all my blouses! Can you go find her stuff?
Anomalous Fire Sheep Landri the Cold Landri in the Kur Mountains asked you to cull the Fire Sheep that have been recently appearing up in Kur. Have you seen those damned sheep that are always on fire? It's genetic, apparently. Some insane wizard did something to them and let fire sheep loose on the land. A stray fire sheep must have made its way here and started mating with the local population. Unfortunately it's dominant, so we need to cull these before it gets too widespread.
Saltpeter for Landri the Cold Landri the Cold Landri in the Kur Mountains asked for Saltpeter. I know it's quite rare, but I might as well ask: have you stumbled on any extra saltpeter? I'm trying to master a few fire spells I missed. Just for completeness' sake, you understand.
Ice Cores for Landri the Cold Landri the Cold Landri in the Kur Mountains asked for Ice Cores. I need more Ice Cores to research better cold spells. Do you happen to have any?
The Second Woo Azalak Azalak asked you to get his fellow mantis Zeratak to come visit him. Can you ask Zeratak to come visit me? I wish to meet her in broad daylight so that I can run if things go poorly.
Brains For Drugs Azalak Azalak needs you to collect a bunch of intact brains from sentient creatures. Brain Bugs occasionally drop intact brains, as do several other creatures, such as Nightmare Creatures and Psychic Mantises. Zeratak and I wish to make a living selling our special alchemical brain elixirs. These are traditional psi-mantis recipes, but I am attempting to hone them to be less toxic to other races. I believe that the lobes from the brain bugs are too potent... instead, I wish to grind up their entire brains. Or any fully intact brains will do, actually. I am a scientist. I am not picky.
Get Some Cotton George Madler George Madler asked you for some cotton. Hey, if you're headed out into the wilds, mind picking any cotton you see for me?
Flowers for Dye Practice George Madler George Madler asked you to get some red asters. He's going to use the flowers to create dye. I've been experimenting with dyes, but I still haven't really got the hang of it. Ran out of raw materials, though! Could you help? I need some more of those red flowers that grow here. Red asters I think they're called.
Dinner For Zeratak Azalak Azalak asked you to create a dish of Venison Psi-Mantis Style. He intends to use it to woo Zeratak. I still wish to woo Zeratak. I believe she would enjoy venison far more than mantis flesh if it was prepared appropriately. I have been experimenting with venison dishes, and I believe I have the recipe! But I don't have any more ingredients left. Here is the recipe. Can you make it for me?
The Spies Azalak Azalak asked you to find some psi mantises that have snuck into Serbule, and discretely slay them before they bring the town's wrath down upon the mantis race. We mantises were slaves of Dalvos, alongside those idiot brain bugs, for decades. But now we are free! And we seek culture desperately. It makes many of my brethren foolish. Several fool mantises snuck into the town of Serbule in order to steal your culture. It has been many days, and I fear they will unleash a terrible reprisal upon us all. Go and find them, and do whatever is necessary to discretely resolve the issue. Murder would be the wisest choice. Yes. Murder them.
Wooing Zeratak Azalak Azalak asked you to question his fellow mantis, Zeratak, and see if she is interested in a non-fatal coupling. In captivity we were forced to mate like animals –- the male giving his life to feed the younglings. But now that we are free, do you not agree we should adopt the culture of a more civilized race? I wish to mate with Zeratak, but I fear that she will not understand my desires. She is a very conservative mantis. But seeing that most mantises fled for the hills yet she remained behind with me, it is possible that she wishes to mate with me badly enough to try a new method. Can you see if Zeratak is amenable to using venison for the larva? I would ask, but I fear she may lash out in anger.
The Nature Of Mantis Love Azalak Azalak the mantis asked you to get him some venison. I wish to mate with Zeratak, mammal. I wish it but it cannot be without my death. Do you see the issue? I must provide sustenance for the young, and traditionally that would be my body. A new tradition is needed. Perhaps some other creatures would work just as well. But I should get a <i>lot</i> of them... just to be on the safe side. Deer innards are preferable. But they run so fast!
Guavas of the Land Hogan Hogan in Hogan's Keep asked you to collect some guavas. I'm a bit of a fruit nut. (Do you get it?) I love the guavas that grow around here. Wish I had time to collect some.
Sie's Roadside Assistance Hogan Hogan in Hogan's Keep asked you to visit Sie Antry at her home southwest of Hogan's Keep. My friend Sie Antry and I share the duty of keeping the monster population thinned out. But recently I feel that Sie's been shirking her duties. Perhaps she's overwhelmed. Can you visit her and see?
Bandage The Soul Yalox A monstrosity named Yalox asked you for a really good bandage. Dalvos gave us healing! The power to heal! But magical healing cannot stop the pain! I need mundane healing! Bring it to me!
Goblin Genocide Yalox A monstrosity named Yalox asked you to just kill some goblins as some sort of pointless revenge. We were sent here by Dalvos to find ancient Dwarf treasure. There are no Dwarves! Only goblins! And they enslave us with promises of healing. They lie! Kill them! Vindicate us!
Preventing a Predictable Problem Hogan Hogan in Hogan's Keep asked you to kill Gnasher Matriarchs. He says they are west of his keep, near the waterfall. Sie Antry and I have been working to keep the roads safe, but it's a very hard battle. But I foresee a new problem that I'd like to nip in the bud. Can you help? To the west of here, near the waterfall, a herd of Gnashers has moved in. And they're breeding! This will be very bad soon. Can you kill off some of the Gnasher Matriarchs before the whole land is overrun?
Cross-Pollination Jaw Jaw has asked you to deliver sporelings to a storage cave somewhere in the myconian caverns. There is another seed repository deeper in the caves. I believe at least one myconian there will be friendly to you – can you go there and deliver these sporelings for safe keeping? We can't afford to keep all our sporelings in one place.
Blanche Wants A Spoon Blanche Blanche wants an antique spoon. Someday when I've mastered geology, I'd like to learn more about Anthropology, too: the study of Humans! I guess primitive people just fascinate me. Did you know that Humans discovered cooking before they discovered fire magic? Really! I don't know how they controlled fire without magic, though. I guess that's a mystery lost to the ages. Speaking of old human cooking, I heard there are antique Human-made spoons in the crypts and caves near here. Could you get me a sample spoon? It'd be fascinating.
Revenge For Slavery, Pt. 3 George Madler George Madler asked you to kill a bear named Graz. He doesn't know where Graz lives, though, except that it's likely in a cave filled with goblins. The third person I need revenge on isn't really a goblin at all. It's a bear. A bear named Graz, famous for eating disobedient slaves. I lost track of where they'd moved Graz. There were some cave-ins around here recently, and the tribe that owned him is missing. Hell, Graz may be dead already. I just need to know Graz will never hurt another slave. Can you make sure of that?
Greta Must Die Jaw Jaw has asked you to kill Greta, the Garden Tender. Thanks for helping clear out some tenders, but there's still so many! We buy our Garden Tenders from goblins. I do not know what their true species is; that's just what we call them. They are loyal and strong, but the goblins only sell us males. However, last season, they made a mistake. They left us a female! Now we have several females, but still only one at reproductive age. And you must kill her. It is very sad, I know, but she is under the control of Tidal's renegade myconians. Look on the bright side: tenders are just meatlings, not mushrooms! Oh, I guess that doesn't help you, does it.
Revenge For Slavery, Pt. 2 George Madler George Madler has asked you to kill a goblin named Algapa. George thinks this goblin can be found in the dungeons beneath Eltibule Keep. The second goblin was the ship captain that held my wife as a slave. But that ship sank. So instead, I'll take revenge on his son, Algapa. Seems fair, right? And best of all, his son is right here! He's trying to make a name for himself under Eltibule Keep! I bet it'll be no trouble to kill him. Well... probably a <i>little</i> trouble. But it would help me sleep at night.
Blanche Wants a Shroom Blanche Blanche wants some Boletus Mushrooms. I need some mushrooms. But I don't want to deal with Jack today. He's such a goon. Can you get them for me?
Too Many Tenders Jaw Jaw has asked you to kill a bunch of Garden Tenders in the Myconian caverns. There are just so many Garden Tenders! It's hard to convince fellow myconians to resist Tidal when they see his massive army of tenders. They're so scary! Can you kill the scary monsters for us?
Revenge For Slavery, Pt. 1 George Madler George Madler has asked you to kill a goblin named Fugorg. George thinks this goblin can be found near a giant statue in the wilds of Eltibule. Goblin slavers killed my wife and child, and I've only recently escaped slavery myself. I've come for revenge against the chiefs most responsible. And I've tracked them to this area! But it turns out I'm not much of an assassin. Are you? There are three goblins that need to die. The first's name is Fugorg, and he lives in the caves around here. But I hear he's on a pilgrimage to that weird statue out in the wilderness. Maybe you can find him there and cut his head off?
Bandage for Blanche Blanche Blanche needs a Simple First Aid Kit. She said an elf named Marna sells them. I hurt myself yesterday... I dropped a red-hot rock on my foot. I thought I'd managed to get the swelling under control, but my healing magic has always been terrible. Could you go to Marna and ask her for a Simple First Aid Kit?
The Galvanizer Blanche Blanche has wistfully mentioned her desire for a special wand carried by Khyrulek in the old tomb beneath Serbule. I heard that Khyrulek kept creating weapons of destruction even after she died! Supposedly she has a wand that protects her from flame. If I had that wand, I could dissect it to learn the secrets of fire resistance. Wouldn't Velkort be jealous! But it's just a fanciful dream. How would I ever get ahold of such an artifact?
Blanche Needs Acid Blanche Blanche has asked you to get a bottle of Weak Acidic Cleanser. (It's a moderately difficult Alchemy recipe.) Hey are you any good with Alchemy? I could use some cleanser for these gemstones, so I can cut them up real pretty. Could you get me some Weak Acidic Cleanser?
Feathers For Yetta Yetta Yetta has asked for some feathers. Can you grab some feathers for me? Shouldn't be hard...
Sulfur For Yetta Yetta Yetta has asked for some sulfur. Okay a tough one... can you get me some sulfur? I have no idea where you'd find it around here, but I need some!
A Soothing Balm Elahil Elahil asked you to collect some Uncrossing Oil. Hey, so I just used that Crossing Oil you got me. I was making Curse Arrows. But I got it on my hands, and now my fingers are erupting in puss-filled blisters. Uh? Do you have the antidote? Uncross me!
Spider Legs For Yetta Yetta Yetta has requested some spider legs. Yes, actually... can you grab me some spider legs? I need them for new potions. Big or small, doesn't matter.
The Ring's Requirement Elahil Elahil asked you for some Nightmare Flesh to help him activate his magic ring. So you know me, how I love magic rings? I splurged on a doozy that just came in from Statehelm! But it needs to be "tempered in the blood of nightmares." What the hell is that supposed to mean? Can you get me some nightmare blood, or guts, or whatever?
Mandrake Root (Quest) Yetta Yetta has asked for some mandrake root. This one's even harder. I'm sorry! But if you can find some mandrake root, I'd be really appreciative!
Ivyn's Demon Bean Ivyn Ivyn asked you to find the Demon Bean in the old spider-filled crypt in the cemetery. I like you, so I'll let you in on a secret. My grandmother was an alchemist gardener, and they say her best creation was buried with her. I'd dig her up and retrieve it, but an asshole lich turned her into a living skeleton. She's in the crypt outside of town. Can you put her to rest for me? And retrieve her Demon Bean?
Ivyn Made a Salmpo Ivyn Ivyn asked you to kill the Salmpo, a plant creature he accidentally grew. It's south of town. So... my grandmother had a cruel sense of humor. I've been trying to grow a Sampo from her ancient notes – it's supposed to create gold from salt! But instead I grew a Salmpo. You know, the walking plant monster? It's horribly dangerous. Can you kill it for me? It's deep in the wilderness, south of town.
Way's Lost Yo-Yo Way Way asked you to be on the lookout for his yo-yo, which he believes is in the posession of a sentinel spider. A few moons back, an elf visited us and gave me an exotic item called a 'yo-yo'. It has a string. It goes up and down via magic. I loved it! Unfortunately I left it lying about, and one of the sentinel spiders took it to their nest. If you happen upon it, please return it.
Fixing Way's Yo-Yo Way Way has asked for some string with which to fix Way's lucky yo-yo. Could you find me some replacement string for my yo-yo? It doesn't work anymore.
Cotton Pickin' Thimble Pete Thimble Pete asked for a bunch of prepped cotton. Oh, you look like the sort who works with their hands. Have you any cotton to spare? I could use some. Seeded and carded, of course.
Wooly Needs Jace Soral Jace Soral in the Kur Mountains asked you for wool Can you go down into the lowlands below the forest and kill some of those idiot sheep for wool? I'm trying to make better equipment since apparently we're gonna be stuck here a while...
Wolfsbane Needed Jace Soral Jace Soral in the Kur Mountains asked you to collect a bunch of Wolfsbane. Wolfsbane is this horrible poisonous flower that grows in the winter months. You should be able to find some around here. It's good for killin' wolves... and werewolves. There's a lot of ways to use it, and I'll show you one technique if you get me some.
An Experiment Involving Rats Thimble Pete Thimble Pete asked for a Trophy Rat Skin, which is a rare item found by expert skinners. I have a new idea for my fall line up! But I need something really crass to push it over the top. I know just the thing. Can you get me a really high-quality rat pelt? It'll make an amazingly awful hat.
Thin The Food Supply Jace Soral Jace Soral in the Kur Mountains asked you to kill nearby deer to reduce the predator food supply. So here's the thing: nature takes care of itself, usually. But when fifty werewolves show up, not so much. The prey is so abundant that they're mating like crazy. Let's try to work smarter: try killing a bunch of deer so they can't eat 'em. That's smart, right? Or is it stupid? Hmm.
Cocktails for Thimble Pete Thimble Pete Thimble Pete asked for some fruit cocktail. It gets so boring eating Hogan's cooking! What I wouldn't do for some fruit cocktail. Any kind would do, really. I'm not picky.
Game Night Is Calling Helena Veilmoor Helena Veilmoor in Hogan's Keep asked you to get some game chips. She wasn't picky about the type. It's just so boring here! I figured maybe I could get a card game going. But I need some supplies! Can you get me some game chips? Whatever denomination doesn't matter. I just need a handful of them to get the games started!
Sewer Rats Sir Coth Sir Coth has asked you to go clear the "Sewer Portal" which has become infested with annoying giant rats. The Council didn't finish improving this town before they were called away to deal with the demon problem. So we're making do with very expensive magics. For instance, the sewer wasn't finished, so we used a bunch of portals to connect it! Smart, eh? Unfortunately those portals are two-way, and field rats have started living in the sewers, coming out at night to eat the crops in the fields. Can you go deal with the issue? Thanks.
Hooks Helena Veilmoor Helena Veilmoor in Hogan's Keep asked you to get some "hook-claw things." I like Hogan a lot. And more importantly, he can protect me from the mantises if they come looking for me here. I wanted to get him something nice, to stay on his good side. Can you help? Hogan keeps talking about a "claw-staff" he wants to make. But he needs some sort of hook claw things to make it. Can you get some of those, whatever they are?
Graveyard Cleanup Sir Coth Sir Coth has asked you to kill skeleton archers in the graveyard. It's illegal to cremate the dead, of course, because they might come back as ghosts. But burying them's hardly better! The graveyard southwest of town is the worst case I've ever seen. Can you clean it up a bit?
Paying Debts Helena Veilmoor Helena Veilmoor in Hogan's Keep asked you to obtain some obsidians so she can pay off her debtors before they cut off her head and lay eggs down her neck. But no rush. I... kind of have a gambling problem. <i>Had</i> a gambling problem. I'm better now! But there's these mantises that I owe money to. Like, several million councils. Don't look at me like that! How was I supposed to know they were psychics?! So, yeah. They're gonna rip off my head and lay eggs in my neck unless I get them their money. But they said they'd give me more time if I got them some gems they want. I've gotten a lot of them, but I need a few more. If you happened upon some obsidian, save them for me?
Talking Mantises Sir Coth The usual population of giant mantises has changed. They can talk now! And they have deadly acid attacks. I have no idea what the heck happened, but they're no longer an ignorable threat. Can you stomp them out? I'm stuck here, defending the gate...
Gruzark's Works Helena Veilmoor Helena Veilmoor in Hogan's Keep asked you to get something written by the poet Gruzark. She didn't seem to know where Gruzark lives, though. Both Hogan and I love poetry -- we met at a reading in the Vicious Bat in Statehelm. I miss my hometown a lot. Hey, I heard that a poet named Gruzark lives around here. I'm not sure where, exactly. But can you get me his autograph? Or just something he wrote? I'd really appreciate it!
Sir Coth's Obsession Sir Coth Sir Coth has asked you to see if Rita has feelings for him. Presumably by asking her. I can't stop thinking about Rita. I know all elves are beneath me, but... oh, if only there was some way! But maybe I'm being a fool... can you find out if she has feelings for me?
Flia's Odd Mushroom Request Flia Flia has asked for a large amount of Iocaine Powder. A poor transmogrified pigeon has been stopping by recently, begging for my help. Well, I can't help him, so I think it's time I put him down. Can you get me some Iocaine Powder? It's the most humane way.
Lamashu Wants Lumber Lamashu Lamashu has asked for some oak wood. There's lots of good cedar here, and a little bit of maple, but no oak. You wouldn't happen to have oak wood with you, by chance?
Stool Order Lamashu Lamashu has asked for some meditation stools. That drunkard Ukorga asked me to make him some meditation stools to decorate his inn. That'd be a waste of time. I need to focus on honing my skills! But I already told him I'd do it. Can I delegate that task to you?
New Spiky Headgear Flia Flia has asked for a pair of antlers. I have a deer friend who lost his antlers in a fight. He's very traumatized about it, even though I explained that they'd grow back. Can you get me a pair of replacement antlers?
Peridots Needed Flia Flia has asked for a peridot. Oh drat, I need more peridots to enhance my calligraphy. Do you happen to have a few?
The Cat's Glassy Stare Flia Flia has asked for a pair of cat eyeballs. I need some cat eyes for a special spell I'm working on! Can you get me some? Remember to kill the cats humanely. If you can.
Arrowhead Delivery Elahil Elahil asked you to deliver a bundle of arrow shafts to Joeh. Can you deliver these arrow shafts to Joeh in town? Thanks.
Lapis Lazuli for Marna Marna Marna asked you for some lapis lazuli. You know how every kind of crystal has certain magical attunements? Well, lapis lazuli is attuned to alchemy. It has many uses for empowering potions. And I'm fresh out. Get me some?
Oils for Arrows Elahil Elahil asked you to obtain some Crossing Oil. So I heard the latest thing is these enchanted arrowheads that curse your target. Sounds great, right? But I'm kind of out of my depth here. I think I need something called "Crossing Oil", though. Got any of that?
Feathers For Elahil Elahil Elahil asked you to collect some feathers. My shipment of feathers didn't come in. <i>Again.</i> I wonder what's up? Anyway, can you collect some? There's a few chickens in town, but you can also find them in giant spiders' stomachs. They eat lots of birds! And there's lots of giant spiders in the cemetery crypt...
Mana Sponges Zealo A rakshasa named Zealo asked you to collect mana sponges that she placed in jars all through the area. Can you go collect my mana sponges? They're in jars all through the area. If you bring me six, you can keep any others you find. And I'll teach you a recipe that uses them.
Cranium Cure: Brain Bug Lobes Echur Echur wants you to obtain some Brain Bug Lobes. They can occasionally be found from Brain Bugs. I need to experiment until I find a cure for this cranium powder issue. Can you go get me some brain bug lobes? Better grab a few in case I mess up... I have a serious headache right now and I can't think too straight.
The Cure For Cranium Blues Echur Echur wants you to ask Velkort for a way to alleviate the symptoms of Echur's Cranium Dust addiction. Okay so I have a problem. I admit it: I'm addicted to cranium powder. But it's okay. I'm a master of the mind! I just willed myself to stop. Unfortunately I can't will away these nasty side-effects. I think I remember Velkort saying he dabbled in drugs like this when he was my age – can you ask him for a hangover cure?
Sludge! Zealo A rakshasa named Zealo asked you to collect toxic sludge for her potions. The mantises have been augmenting the oozes in here, making them more dangerous. Morons! But there's a silver lining: their mucus is very useful for potions. If you happen to kill some oozes, can you look for their sludge?
Cranium Cure: Willpower Gel Echur Echur wants you to obtain some Willpower Gel. Unfortunately he has no idea what that is. It sounds like a rare Alchemical recipe. I need to experiment until I find a cure for this cranium powder issue. Can you go get me some Willpower Gel? I don't actually know what that is. It sounds alchemical, though. Maybe ask around, somebody might have it for sale. I dunno. Just get it! Please!
Unusual Powder Echur Echur wants you to deliver a bag of strange white powder to a "mantis" somewhere in the forests past Serbule. Yes, I am supposed to deliver a package to a friend of mine, a fellow believer in mind over matter. He's... not like us. More like... a mantis. Can you take this powder to him? Oh, and I must warn you: do not taste the powder!
Cabbage Time Fainor Fainor wants a bunch of cabbage. I need to prepare cabbage soup for the town lunch. Can you get me fresh cabbage?
The Sweet Butter Secret Fainor Fainor wants you to get the recipe for Sweet Butter from someone in Eltibule Castle's courtyard. Argh! I'm sick of buying Sweet Butter from Marna. She won't teach me the recipe. But I heard there's someone in Eltibule Castle's courtyard. Can you get it?
Cranium Powder Echur Echur has asked you to obtain a dose of Cranium Powder. He believes you can buy it from Azalak the mantis if you're friendly enough with him. So, um, our buddy Azalak the mantis owes me some cranium powder. I just haven't gotten around to picking it up. Can you get that for me? Oh, but, uh, don't tell him you're getting it for me. Don't mention me at all! Just buy it from him. I'll pay you back! Eventually. You might have to get on his good side before he's willing to sell it to you. Just be nice to him, he's a great guy.
Bloody Bandages Echur Echur has asked you for a strong bandage. I was ... um... "sparring" with Joeh yesterday and things got out of hand. I've been having nosebleeds off and on ever since. And I can't stand blood! Can you get me a more potent bandage?
Those Deer Aren't Gonna Kill Themselves Fainor Fainor needs venison. Hey, you're a champ, can you get me some venison? I need a LOT of it. I'll give you... hmm... my gratitude!
Iocaine Samples Voo Voo the myconian asked for some Iocaine Mushrooms. I need more iocaine mushrooms. Can you obtain them?
Ur-Bacon Fainor Fainor wishes to know the secret of Ur-Bacon, but the recipe is known only to the undead. If you were a REAL friend, you would get help me master the ancient recipe for forbidden bacon. Ur-Bacon is infused with the spirits of the dead. What a thrill it'd be to serve that! But of course, only the dead know the secret. You might find it written down somewhere, but it'd be incredibly rare. Sigh.
Quarter Hoops! Braigon Braigon needs more quarter hoops for barrel making. Gods, I am so sick of making barrels! It's so hard! And so stupid! <i>Sigh...</i> and I just ran out of quarter hoops. Great. Just great. That means I have to talk that idiot Kalaba into making me some more.
Milk! Braigon Braigon mentioned needing more milk. I need more milk! Always more milk! Those damned cows out there are so violent, too. Why can't they just calmly let me milk them?
Therese Wants Hash Browns Therese Therese has asked for some hash browns. You know what I could go for? Some venison hash browns! But it's a secret family recipe. I guess regular old hash browns would do, too. If you happen to be cooking, could you fry me up some Hash Browns? Don't go to any trouble on my account, though.
Dinosaur Scales For Therese Therese Therese has asked for some dinosaur scales. She thinks there are dinosaurs living deep in the crypt beneath Serbule. I've been working on a new fertilizer using some dinosaur scales I had delivered from Statehelm. It's not working yet, but I think I'm getting closer! But I need more scales. Say, I heard someone say there were dinosaurs in the crypt! You know, the crypt at the back of the graveyard? I only ever saw horrible spiders, but I didn't go in very far. Could you look?
The Perfect Cow Hide Braigon Braigon wants a perfect cow hide for an experimental cheese he's making. (Perfect Cow Hides come from expert skinners who have mastered bovine anatomy. They're quite rare!) I have this crazy recipe for cheese that ripens within the hide of a cow. Crazy gimmick, right?! Trouble is, it requires a perfectly-skinned cow hide. I'm a pretty terrible skinner, so that's not going to happen. But if you happen upon one, save it for me!
Bone Meal (Quest) Therese Therese has asked for bone meal. She thinks it's most easily obtained in the crypt at the back of the small graveyard beneath Serbule. Hmm, running low on bone meal! Can you get me some more? The easiest way to get it is to rob tombs. Oh, it's okay, they aren't using it! Try the crypt at the back of the graveyard outside of town. It'll be in a ways, since dumb old Marna already excavated all the easily-reached bone meal.
Stomachs! Braigon Braigon mentioned needing more stomachs to make rennet. I wish I was a butcher. They must be overflowing with animal stomachs! But not me. My last batch of cheese used vegetarian rennet. Eugh! If you find some stomachs, save me a few, would you?
Find Spoons Lawara Bring two spoons to Lawara. I thought I saw some spoons lying around here somewhere. They could be anywhere in these caves, though. Can you see if you can a couple? I want to use them in my art.
Smelly Gurki Gurki Gurki asked you for some Floral Soap. Ugh, I stink. I know it, you don't have to make that face! Ain't bathed in days. Ukorga's out of soap again. What a moron. You got any soap by chance?
Gurki Wants Silver Gurki Gurki asked you to obtain some unrefined silver ore. Been working on a new tailoring technique where I inlay the cloth with silver. But I ain't got no silver left. Get me some?
Arrows for the Occasion Gurki Gurki asked you for some Advanced Reservoir Arrows Shadow Keepers are lookin' for me. But they don't come up here, since it's a worthless hell hole. But if they do, I'm ready with my bow... except I'm out of arrows. Can you get me some good arrows for shootin' poison?
A Bench For Writing Gurki Gurki asked you for a Nice Calligraphy Bench Been drawing up new tailoring plans. Gotta keep my mind off the Shadow Keepers! But it's a bitch to draw anything in this frozen hellhole. What I wouldn't do for a nice calligraphy bench!
Message for Therese Mushroom Jack Jack asked you to deliver a very personal message to Therese down at the windmill. Take a message to Therese down by the windmill, will you? Ask her to come up here tonight for a good ploughing. And have her bring some root vegetables. I know how she loves those.
Gather More Mushrooms Mushroom Jack Mushroom Jack has asked you to gather yet more mushrooms for him. He wasn't particular about what kind. You again? I need more mushrooms! MORE!
Kill Myconians Mushroom Jack Mushroom Jack wants you to find and kill a dozen Myconians. He says he'll know when you've done it. I don't know if you believe me or not about these Myconians. But I need you to believe! Go out there and find yourself some. And kill them! Kill a dozen! Then come back. I'll know you did the deed. The stink will be all over you. Go now. Do it.
Get 100 Fish Mushroom Jack Mushroom Jack has asked for 100 fish. Hey friend, do me a favor and get me a fresh fish, would ya? Wait, strike that, make it 100 fresh fish.
Ivyn Wants A Coin Ivyn Ivyn has asked you to give him an Ancient Bronze Coin if you come across one while hunting. I lost my lucky coin. It was one of those ancient coins from before the Council. You can still find 'em all over the place... if you come across one, can you save it for me?
The Perfect Wolf Skin Mushroom Jack Mushroom Jack asked you for a Trophy Wolf Skin. Can you get me a perfectly preserved wolf skin? A trophy skin. I guess you'd need to be an expert skinner to get one... and even then it may take a few tries. I just need one, though, so it can't be that hard, right?
Ivyn Needs Butter Ivyn Ivyn wants butter. I don't know how to make butter, can you believe it? And I'm a farmer! Heh! But I just grow crops. If I grew animals I'd be a rancher. So anyway, get me some butter?
Ivyn Needs Seedlings Ivyn Ivyn asked you to buy three Squash Seedlings for him. Therese (near the windmill) sells them. This is embarrassing, but I need some squash seedlings. I kind of insulted Therese the other day by calling her an... by calling her a name. So can you get them for me? I need three.
Ukorga's Fur Order Ukorga Ukorga in the Kur Mountains asked you for Tufts of Fur. I'm trying to fill this order for fur-lined coats. I don't get many orders, you know? Pretty satisfying knowing my reputation's getting around. Trouble is, I'm out of fur to finish the last one. Can you get me some?
Wool Supply Ukorga Ukorga in the Kur Mountains asked you for Wool. Hey can you go get some wool off the mountain sheep? Don't bother trying to shear them, they'll just kick your ass. You have to take 'em out. All the docile sheep live in pleasant territory. The sheep here are all assholes.
Keep the Kitchen Stocked Ukorga Ukorga in the Kur Mountains asked you for Cedar Wood Chips to keep the kitchen stocked. I didn't lay in enough cedar wood chips for all the cooking that Laura's been doing. She brings in lots of customers and I don't want her to get upset! I have plenty of maple wood, but she only uses cedar for cooking. Can you get some more?
Trophy Wolves Ukorga Ukorga in the Kur Mountains asked you for lots of Trophy Wolf Skins. I've been making these crazy wolf-hood hats, right? And they're really popular. But I haven't got any more wolf pelts. Whenever I try to skin them, it doesn't come out right. Are you good at skinning wolves? Care to help me out? I'll pay handsomely.
Better Chairs Ukorga Ukorga in the Kur Mountains asked you to procure some nice chairs. Nobody likes sitting on the stools in here. I wish I had better chairs. Real nice ones! But I don't know how to make those.
Silver Ore for Swords Ukorga Ukorga asked you to collect some Unrefined Silver Ore. Hey, you any good at mining? There's silver ore out there in the lowlands, just waiting to be mined! But I don't know how to do that part. I can smelt it, though. Tell you what, bring me some, and I'll give you one of my special silvered swords.
Muntok Peppercorns Gretchen Salas Gretchen in Eltibule has pined for an exotic spice, "muntok pepper". It's a common spice among orcs, so you might be able to find some in Kur Mountains. When I was the chef for Lord Eltibule, he let me import all kinds of exotic spices! One that I used to love was muntok pepper. Hard to find it if you're not an orc, or insanely rich! But it makes the best spicy soups.
Gratflower Millet Gretchen Salas Gretchen in Eltibule asked you to find a crate of gratflower millet. she thinks there's some left in the storage tower in Eltibule Keep. I wish I'd had time to get all the supplies out of the keep before I left! Those squatters made it hard to get my stuff out of there now. I had a crate of gratflower millet in there, and I think it's still good! Could you go get it for me? It's in the front tower -- you'll walk under it as you enter the keep.
Oh, the wooden stairs to the towers were torn down, so you'll have to be a little creative.
Cream for Potatoes Gretchen Salas Gretchen in Eltibule complained about a lack of sour cream.
Lac for Amutasa Amutasa Amutasa in Rahu asked you to obtain a large amount of lac. It can be found on the corpses of many insects. I am running low on lac. Normally we trade with the orcs for it, but their ships have been fewer in number of recent months. I suppose there are local sources, though: giant beetles, for instance. But I suspect the easiest way to get it is the Urak creates that the orcs use as war-beasts. A pity there are none around here! If you meet an orcish trader, can you purchase any lac they have? I shall repay you.
Amutasa Wants to Work Faster Amutasa Amutasa requested some Enhanced Cranium Powder so that she can work faster. No matter how much I work, I cannot seem to stop being overwhelmed by work requests. Perhaps a different approach is needed. A visiting elf once invited me to a "dance party" which ended up having very little music and a lot more nakedness than I was expecting. But the highlight of the evening was a powder he brought with him, called 'Enhanced Cranium Powder'. Perhaps if I had some of this... I could finish this work more efficiently! Do you know how to get some?
Amutasa Needs to Stop Working Faster Amutasa Amutasa requested some Cranium Balm to overcome her addiction to Cranium Powder. I need to ask for your help. I am quite addicted to cranium powder. The powder you brought me was so wonderous, so efficacious, that I quickly completed my backlog. But then more orders came pouring in, and I needed more of the powder. I found a nefarious rakshasa merchant who sold me more -- at ridiculously high prices! -- but now I need even more... and I realize that I have been a fool. Please, before this gets even worse, can you help me break this cycle? My contact claims that the only way to cure this headache is more cranium powder, but I know there must be a balm or ointment that can sooth my brow until I feel normal again.
Amutasa's Metal Amutasa Amutasa in Rahu asked you to get Masterwork Metal Slabs for her. My tools are only as good as the materials they're made of. This metal is "good", but not great. I need masterwork metal! Do you know any miners who might have some?