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This page and the associated talk page is to help editors agree on conventions for standardized formatting of the articles. This should helps us reduce the number of edits, avoid arguments, and have a really good wiki on the long run.

It's the early days of the wiki during alpha. Much of this is still up for discussion (Talk:Project Gorgon Wiki:Formatting).

Please note as of writing some of the wiki content does not follow the guidelines. Whether it makes sense to rename articles and categories I don't know. The idea is to try to be consistent from here on.

General formatting

As some of these conventions can be considered preferences, which style we agree to is not very important, but I think consistency is good. If you don't like some of these conventions make suggestions in the talk page.


Capitalize only proper nouns as a general rule (a noun describing a unique entity). This includes: named creatures (bosses), unique items, zones, dungeons, etc.

Headings: use normal sentence case (eg. "How to learn"), except for proper nouns mentioned in the heading.

Categories: likewise use capitalization only for proper nouns (eg. "Kur Mountains NPCs"), and not for common nouns (eg. "Skill trainers").

Article names

Use the exact in-game spelling for skills, locations, quests, items, etc (all proper nouns of in-game unique entities).

Use the same name as the in-game "label", with the exact same punctuation and capitalization, generally in singular.

Note: during alpha there are typos in a few places, the developers likely will fix those. It is best to use consistency here to avoid renaming pages and redirects down the line.


See Project Gorgon Wiki:Categories.

Article guide pages

The following pages have been created to document the desired structure of the articles. Note that not every section of the page needs to be in the articles. They are an example page in which we can discuss what the structure of the articles should look like. These should be used as a guide for creating new articles. For now I recommend to "watch" the pages below (click the star icon). It helps, as we otherwise don't get notifications when commenting in the talk pages.


See Category:Template demos for examples. See Formatting templates category for a full list of templates you can use.

If you have some template ideas, or something you'd like, drop me a message at User talk:Gorgonzola.

Template Demos Description
Quote Demos Quote in-game text (NPC talk, lore items, etc) and official sources.
Hint - Hides light spoilers inside a tooltip. This helps keep the layout nice as these fit "inline". Keep these hints short because they appear as a tooltip. You can not use double quotes inside, use single quotes 'like this'.
Spoiler - Hide big spoilers in a collapsible block. Unfortunately we can not format a table inside those! Consider using lists (bullet lists, definition lists).
Item This is a fun template that gives the appearance of an in-game item description. Its goal is to liven up the pages with some visuals. As for all templates, its value is that we can change the appearance later for many pages just by editing the template, so if the in-game appearance change, that is not a problem. Icons are not yet supported until the Wiki has better Extensions installed (a default "empty" icon is used).
MOB infobox - Create an attractive "infobox" (as is commonly used in Wikipedia) for enemies and bosses. This is another way to liven up the pages. The info card does not document everything as that is in the body of the article. TODO More parameters will be added but are limited atm due to lack of proper Wiki Extensions.
MAP infobox - Create an attractive "info card" for dungeons and sub-areas (do not use for zones yet, may use a different template).

User Pages

Player-created characters should not receive individual pages on the wiki. Exceptions exist for characters that become ingrained into the game, such as dukes of regions or cities. Player characters which have items named after them may also have pages, but the content of both these pages and the prior exception should be formatted as NPC pages, and not used as personal message boards or advertisement spaces.

Users may create and monitor their individual User pages. Once a user access the wiki, they may create their User page by clicking on their username in the upper right corner of this website. See ( for an example.

On a User Page's Discussion tab, Users may leave a comments. Always reply to other comments using multiple ":" to create indents. Sign your name after a comment with four "~"


For developer text, please use Template:Quote and specify the source URL. See Quote Template Demos for examples.

In-game text in general should be "quoted and italicized". Use the Quote template if it fits.

Formatting guides
How to helpFormattingCategories