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Suggestions or other notes


I'd just like to support you here because I can see why some people would question where the lore comes from, but on the other hand they have to realize it's just not feasible for the writer to add references everywhere. Especially when you use named references it becomes a real mess as you have to keep them in order and if you edit text and move it around they may break.

Perhaps one way to emphasize the source of the lore would be to sprinkle the article with a few choice quotes from NPCs or in-game books, with Template:Quote, where a verbatim quotation of in-game text fits. If you need improvements to that template I can do them now since Eric added a powerful extension, so we can have optional parameters like the source of the citation. For example in this GW1 lore there's no references anywhere, but the "Surviving documents" gives a sense of the in-game source. (edit: well you could say that is their reference).

On the other hand I like to use refs to link to developer blog posts and in this case you could use them to link back to the lore articles available from the official site. (meaning, the reference also provide further resources to browse).

Update Added a source parameter to Template:Quote, see the demos. The source can be plain text or a link, thus you could also quote a NPC with a link to a NPC article. eg. -- Marna or -- small talk from Marna. Any other suggestions welcome :) (I'm planning to add icon parameter so you can make a nice "lore" quote from in-game books with the book icon). --Gorgonzola (talk) 10:14, 10 October 2014 (CDT)

All above looks good. I can't believe I missed the > that was causing me problems. I'll sprinkle some quotes into the articles. Linking to other NPCs is something I'll be doing.

Winter Court Rule

Regarding "The Winter Court has controlled the Fae Realm for two years now. Their control will last for another 19,998 years." Eleme in the big tree says that the Winter Court has ruled for 102 years with 19898 left. Not sure if this is an in-game contradiction or a mistake on the wiki.

--Extractum11 (talk) 13:47, 11 March 2015 (CDT) For now, I'll chalk it up to an in-game contracdiction. Fazzi is the NPC who I got that info from. I'll look for other references to the proper date.