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: ''Leather Strips'', ''Rawhide Sheet''
: ''Leather Strips'', ''Rawhide Sheet''
: ''Dye Leather Armor (1 color)'', ''Dye Leather Armor (2 colors)'', ''Dye Leather Armor (3 colors)''
: ''Dye Leather Armor (1 color)'', ''Dye Leather Armor (2 colors)'', ''Dye Leather Armor (3 colors)''
; [[Leatherworking]]
: ''Leatherworking Practice (2 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Shoddy Gear (5 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Enchanted Shoddy Gear (5 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Rough Gear (5 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Enchanted Rough Gear (5 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Crude Gear (5 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Enchanted Crude Gear (5 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Enchanted Decent Gear (5 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Enchanted Nice Gear (5 Recipes)'',  ''Leatherworking: Max-Enchanted Nice Gear (5 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Enchanted Quality Gear (5 Recipes)'', ''Leatherworking: Max-Enchanted Quality Gear (5 Recipes)''
==Favor Rewards==
==Favor Rewards==

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She is doing something disgusting with a fur.
Beast Speak:
Skill Trainer:
[[Category:Eltibule NPCs]]

I had heard that the Council had created elaborate new trade routes around here, so I came looking. But they seem abandoned halfway through completion. Trade is dead... except right here, thanks to the vast numbers of goblins.

Kleave is an expert tanner Rakshasa from Povus. She has many skinning and tanning supplies.


Eltibule Keep

Items Purchased [view/edit]

  • Skins
  • Leather Rolls
  • Skinning Knives

Spending Limits [view/edit]

Favor Level Cap Per Item Weekly Pool
Friends 10,000
Close Friends 400 20,000
Best Friends 800 40,000
Like Family 50,000
Soul Mates 60,000

Small Talk [view/edit]

  • Hates Artwork
  • Loves Onyx Hint
  • Likes Skins Hint
  • Likes Potions Hint


 22 councils 
 7 councils 
 15 councils 
 37 councils 
 75 councils 
 150 councils 



Shoddy Leather Roll, Rough Leather Roll, Crude Leather Roll, Decent Leather Roll, Nice Leather Roll, Quality Leather Roll, Great Leather Roll, Amazing Leather Roll, Astounding Leather Roll, Awesome Leather Roll
Leather Strips, Rawhide Sheet
Dye Leather Armor (1 color), Dye Leather Armor (2 colors), Dye Leather Armor (3 colors)
Leatherworking Practice (2 Recipes), Leatherworking: Shoddy Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Enchanted Shoddy Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Rough Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Enchanted Rough Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Crude Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Enchanted Crude Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Enchanted Decent Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Enchanted Nice Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Max-Enchanted Nice Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Enchanted Quality Gear (5 Recipes), Leatherworking: Max-Enchanted Quality Gear (5 Recipes)

Favor Rewards

Hang Out

Help clean skins (5 hours)

Compare skinning techniques (4 hours)

Discuss marital stress (3 hours)